Michigan swimming great Peter Vanderkaay qualifies for the Olympics!

Submitted by Wolverine In Iowa on June 25th, 2012 at 8:51 PM

PVK, a true swimming legend at U-M, just won the 400 free at the Olympic trials, putting him in London for his third Olympics.  Congrats, PVK!


Leaders And Best

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The former Michigan NCAA National Champ and All-American finished 3rd in the 400m medley behind Lochte & Phelps and will miss the Olympics in 400m IM after finishing second at the World Championships last year. Hopefully he has better luck in his other events and can make it to London, but it's going to be tough sledding after missing in his best event.

Nice ESPN write-up on him here:



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I knew Vanderkaay while I was a student...one of my hallmates from freshman year ended up living with him.  One of the nicest, most sincere men you will ever meet.  It's great to have guys like him represent the University!

Wolverine In Iowa

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He held the world record in the 400 IM for eight years until a certain Michael Phelps broke it back in 2002.  Dolan's family is from my original neck of the woods, Northern Virginia, and I remember when he was a kid tearing it up in the summer swimming league.


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Craig Forys has qualified for the 3,000m steeplechase finals. A few weeks ago he took second at NCAA nationals in the same event. The race will on NBC Sports network on Thursday night with coverage starting at 9 EST


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Michigan's Sam Mikulak (NCAA champion last year as a freshman) will be competing at the Olympic Trials this weekend after winning the bronze in the U.S. Nationals a couple weeks ago (less than a year after breaking both ankles).  The men's finals will be broadcast live Saturday from 4-6 on NBC, with the prelims live Thursday 5:30-8:00 on NBCSports.  Syque Caesar, a senior, is already set for the Olympics, competing for Bangladesh. 


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whats in the water in their family home? all the vanderkaay brothers were awesome and so much fun to watch swim for team USA.   Go Blue!!

Smash Lampjaw

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We know three swimmers at the trials well, and they fell short yesterday, but what an accomplishment to make the trials. Swimming is a brutal, unforgiving sport. You are what your time says you are. No style points, no sucking up to coaches, and endless hours of looking at that black line on the bottom of the pool. No matter how you have performed before you have to be your best at the right moment at the trials. You might be third best in the world, but you have to be at least 2nd best in the US on that day to go to the Olympics. Hats off to everyone at the trials, and especially to the Michigan swimmers.