Michigan sweeps US Ice Dancing Championship - 5 more Wolverines punch ticket to Sochi Olympics

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on January 12th, 2014 at 8:13 AM
Current Michigan students and defending US and World Champions and 2010 Olympic silver medalists Charlie White and Meryl Davis won the U.S. Ice Dancing championships as expected last night. The second place team is made up of Novi, Michigan native Madison Chock and recent Michigan grad Evan Bates. The third place team was Michigan grad Alex Shibutani and his sister Maia Shibutani who is a current Michigan student. The top three teams will represent the United States in the Olympics next moth in Sochi, Russia. Unless I'm missing something that makes eight Wolverines heading to Sochi including these five ice dancers and the three ice hockey players (Pacioretty, Hagelin and Lebler). Link: http://www.freep.com/article/20140111/SPORTS17/301110081/meryl-davis-ch…



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Congratulations to them and on this opportunity to represent both school and their respective nations well in the Winter Olympics. 

I will say, we always seem to be well-represented in the Olympics as a university - I think we sent almost two dozen representing several nations to London as well. Another small but not insignificant tribute to the quality of the students that come to Ann Arbor from all over the world. 


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Alex didn't grow up in Michigan, but "chose to move to Michigan to train because he was planning for his future."

The decision to move was initially triggered by Alex's need to begin considering his college options. His desire to continue training as an ice dancer at a leading training center, while also being able to pursue the strongest possible undergraduate education, made moving to Michigan a natural decision.



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All lived together in 2009-2010 on campus. And all read this here blog on the daily. Also, Alex is still a current student. Great performances by all of them.


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Congrats to them  - great representatives.

But I'm not seeing any mention of the U of M connection at the  link? Seems this woulld be a  nice feature.


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Go Blue for Gold!

For those who don't follow ice dancing, Meryl and Charlie are defending World Champions hoping to add gold medals to the silvers they won four years ago. And Madison and Evan are serious contenders to be standing with them on the podium. 

Watch their footwork, if the tv cameras aren't stupidly focused somewhere else. Ice dancers may not do the jumps and throws of pair skating, and the rules limit their lifts and spins. It's the close, intricate footwork, always perfectly together with partner and music, and dance moves, which aren't anywhere near as easy as they Iook, that make ice dancing an Olympic sport.