Michigan still recruiting Steve Elmer hard

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Thought I'd pass this along to you guys, I saw it while browsing Maxpreps. Good luck to you guys, I love his tape, and I'd honestly not read or heard much about him. Upon further review, it looks like he committed to ND after the first night game at Michigan. Being Catholic myself (I know, a Catholic southerner) I can appreciate his position. The debate between he and Pocic is a good one, they are both very similar players. I love Elmer's strength, and his technique. That kid could come in and compete for playing time from summer camp on. I don't think Kelly's offense suits Elmer's obvious strengths, so I could see Michigan landing him.




By the way, this is one of those kids that when he says "Academics are important", where you actually believe him. While he may have gotten a plethora of other offers, I think the SEC would've stayed away. Besides Ole Miss that is, and to be honest, Ole Miss is actually a damn good school academically.



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It's very important to end up at a school that you love. Having said that, more than one career has been ruined by going to a childhood favorite school, who really didn't fit that player.


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He just said Ole Miss is a damn fine school. US News ranks Ole MIss #157 out of national universities. I was unaware there were 157 national universities.

I would equate this to the term "Business School hot" which was/is used to describe acceptable ladies at Ross who appeared hot given their local competition, but out in the wilds would be marginal to "eh" at best. Ole Miss is the "Business School hot" equivilant in the SEC/Academics discussion...


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Vandy has realistic expectations. They're like the boy in school, who has resigned himself to the fact that there are only select girls whom he can ask to the prom. Now, there are certain girls out there, who will see past his faults, and see his sense of humor, but they are rare.


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With James Franklin as the coach, I think Vandy may not be the doormat of the SEC for too much longer.   If you have ever been to Vandy, you'd be real happy going to the prom with lots of those hot, smart and rich Vandy girls.

LSA Aught One

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I think you missed the fact that he was using a little-known item of speech commonly referred to as the metaphor.  Yes, Vandy chicks are hot.  No, he wasn't saying anything about the attractiveness of Vandy chicks.  He was simply saying that Vandy knows they can't expect to attract top talent even though every recruit ever (except Adolphus Washington) has said that they hold the educational aspect higher than anything else.


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lineman go to ND I mean they just suck the life out of 5 star lineman all the time. Lets see how many lineman are in the NFL from ND, versus Uof M not even close. But I guess so kids and parents just love their kids getting treated like crap and degrated on national T.V.


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is after the UTL game how could you leave that game being all like ND is the place for me? I am not saying he should be all Go Blue but heck no way was ND all that special with the 5 turnovers and 3 of them self inflicted.


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The reason he committed to ND after the UTL game was because it was so special for Michigan.  The crowd was going crazy, we had a comeback for the ages and yet he still found himself rooting for the Irish. 

Whether you should follow your childhood favorite is another question altogether. 


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I'd say if a guy is really 100% to a school he'd tell everyone to back off a la Kyle Kalis, Shane Morris, Dymonte Thomas, etc.  If Elmer's still listening he's still a possibility.  Not sure what to make of his recent dive in the rankings, but it would be great to steal him from a rival.


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scared if he is taking a dive in recruiting services ranking cause when you sign with ND you usually get over- rated and move up just cause it is ND. So falling breaks all the rules that I have learned to live with with all Domer recruits.


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I don't think we have a chance. He was at the UTL game on a Michigan visit and even in all that atmosphere, he found himself wanting Notre Dame to win. He's a Domer.


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newer on here and didnt know that I could go back and add to the older post. Plus I mean after 100 points it doesnt really matter what your score is does it? The only thing I now points are for is to be able to start a thread. And I will work on not making a post over and over, thanks for the heads up guys.


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When I saw this "trust me" post from someone who'd been registered for all of two days and is still in single-digit mgopoints, I was grabbing the popcorn in anticipation of the replies.  But then... nothing.  Man, are you guys are getting soft.  :-)

Anyway, just because we're "in on" a lot of good *ones at this point (11 months from NSD) it is still far from an assurance that we'll end up with any of the current top uncommitted targets.  Granted, I'll take our current position over many alternatives, but I'm not going to start counting those (exceptionally large) chickens before they hatch, err... sign.