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Looks like UM is #3 in the coaches poll this week. What's interesting to me is the rankings of Florida and WMU. AP has Western at 14, UF at 22. While Coaches Poll has WMU at 21 and Florida at 16


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The link is current now.

Yes, Michigan is still #2.

How Louisville is ranked above Ohio State is a mystery to me after Ohio State crushed CFP #10 Nebraska and their PSU loss is looking better and better.

Louisville's biggest "win" was a loss to Clemson.

Look AP voters, if you want to reward Lamar Jackson for being a good player, that's what the Heisman vote is for.





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Oh I agree with you on OSU having a better case for being #5 than Louisville, I was commenting on the assertion that Louisville's best win was the loss to Clemson.  

My personal opinion is that Louisville's best win is at least as good as OSU's (be it Oklahoma or Wisconsin) and that their loss is better (Clemson being better than Penn State).  That said OSU has beaten Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and now Nebraska, giving them a much stronger overall resume.


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It's self-solving.  If we win out, we will beat likely top 5 Ohio State and likely top 10 Wisconsin.  All away from Ann Arbor.  We'll be #2 at the worst.

If we lose a close one to Ohio State and Ohio State goes on to be the Big Ten champion . . . things get a little interesting.



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At that point even haters would have to agree that M was one of the top 4 teams in the country... Although, last year the same scenario played out with MSU/OSU and OSU was left out even though every football fan in the country (me included) knew that they were one of the 4 best teams last year...

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Michigan and Wisconsin are the top two defenses in the league. When the two best defensive teams play, there will be a low score. That is football 101. Hardly beat Colorado? Sure, maybe for the first half. That is what halftime adjustments are for. Left the state enough? How can they fault Michigan for the schedule they are given?

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Oklahoma is #9?

Not only did they get beaten decisively by Houston (remember them?) and OSU, but they've been living dangerously almost every other week, winning games by scores of 52-46, 45-40 and 66-59 (!).

They are going to get exposed (again) pretty hard in short order.





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Here's the vote distribution for Oklahoma - LINK

Three people had them at #8, which makes even less sense than #9, but a fair number of people at them at #12 or lower, which I would be more willing to buy, I suppose. What the fascination is with the Big XII is still beyond me, but I don't vote in this poll obviously.


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I have no idea how clemson is ahead of us.... clemson needed the refs top bail them out with terrrrible calls against nc state and Louisville... but like we've been saying that doesn't really matter if we beat osu we're definitely in... Nebraska is garbage and we've improved a whole heck of allot since the last time we played wisconsin so the b1g title game doesn't scare me... neither does Washington or clemson... bama might be tough... i watched them last night and they didn't look that scary to me especially thier qb


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and drops 3 spots? The same MIssissippi State that lost to South Alabama at home? A&M is htis year's memorial "what does this team have to do to make you see how bad they are" SEC team

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win over a powerhouse Iowa, it's clear the voters in both of these polls are trying to make their votes match what they think the CoFoPO folks are going to do.  Problem is, they can only look at last week's numbers and then extrapolate.  No way PSU over Iowa is worth a jump of 8 or 9 spots in the polls.


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Anyone think Louisville makes it into the Playoff and plays Michigan? I would like to see Peppers introduce the turf to Jackson's face.. We win out I think Louisville makes it into top 4.


November 6th, 2016 at 3:53 PM ^

I don't get the PSU ranking (the CFP ranking which is being mirrored by the other 2 polls).  Despite their win over OSU, they're not actually a good enough team to beat OSU (if you get my drift there).  And that's their 1 claim to fame.  I don't begrudge them that win, obviously, and they were able to win the game but it seems odd that a fluke-filled win would raise their value that much to the CFP.

But they have no more reality checks on their schedule so they'll probably finish out the year ranked far higher than their station.


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Yeah, we just need to win out. The Disrespekt stuff is a road not worth traversing.

Recognizing this observation is a gross oversimplification, you just can't convince a lot of people that Michigan's schedule warrants more attention, looking at collective opponent's schedules:

Michigan opponents: 42-40

Alabama opponents: 49-32

Clemson opponents: 48-31


So let's not worry about all that. As long as we're top four, if we win out, all will be okay.