Michigan State Vs. Wisconsin

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Please be kind, it's my first thread. Who do we want to win this game? I will never cheer for Sparty, but if it's necessary, I guess I can hope they win the game. Honestly, I'm more concerned about the seating for the Big Ten Tournament. I think a good showing will propel us to a #1 seed

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I also thought he meant Buckeyes.  Although I knew Wisconsin's mascot was named Bucky Badger, that's certainly not how I think of WIsconsin.  

Too many people try to be cute and make things worse.  What's so hard with saying the names of the schools?  MSU vs. Wisconsin would have been very clear.


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I think it's better for us if MSU wins, as UW has a tie breaker against us.  But then again, it would be nice to see MSU out of the race for a B1G title.  So really, it doesn't matter, and I'd be happy with either result.  Provided we beat IU of course.


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Desperate times?  I'm not sure this qualifies.  Rooting for OSU the other night, yes.  For possible seeding in a tournament that while it would be nice to win, isn't the one we're really after?  I think we should save our desperate measures for more significant results.


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Granted, Massey's numbers will change depending on the outcome of this game, so this reply contains a certain amount of speculation, but in fiddling with the table I posted in the BTT Scenarios thread, you would think this game something of a wash for us (based on a table of potential scenarios provided by UMHoops). Massey puts this game up as a 74% Michigan State lean right now. 

All  that would be for seeding purposes anyway - if State wins, the two most likely scenarios would have us as either a 3 or 5 seed, which oddly enough is the same result we would see if Wisconsin pulled this out. Again, the percentages will change after the game and some revision may be necessary, but given the estimates now, we seem to be closing in on the 3-5 seed range depending on everything else that goes on this weekend in the conference. 

Perkis-Size Me

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I'm rooting for the meteor. But if I had to pick a team, I'd probably pick Sparty. Don't really care for Izzo, but I feel like his team is more deserving of a title. And I respect what he's been able to do on the court over the years. When his teams have beaten us, its usually been because they were just flat out the better team that night.

I just despise Bo Ryan and everything that is Wisconsin basketball. His damn buzzer beater antics over the last few years have a lot to do with that. His teams aren't any better than ours, but they've gotten by on blind dumb luck sometimes.

Dutch Ferbert

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and then see them lose to Penn State on Sunday. Then I want to see OSU lose to Illinois. Then when UM beats IU, UM will not have to share it with our two biggest rivals and a team that was lucky to beat our boys on a prayer of a shot (and who also did not have to come to Crisler). I also want an Oompa Loompa too.

Go Blue! Beat IU!!!

Wolverine Devotee

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Do I have to be kind?


Uh. Go meteor? I hate both of these basketball teams oh so much. Every time I see a player from an opposing team at midcourt with the ball I twitch thanks to wisconsin. 

And state is state. Who I hate. 

snarling wolverine

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There is no need to be a jerk.  I think it'd be nice for our program to finish ahead of MSU in the standings (which hasn't happened since the 1990s).  That's something that could pay off in recruiting down the road.  Meanwhile, the "benefits" of MSU winning relate only to BTT seeding.  That really doesn't matter to me.




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Man, I didn't realize people's e-feelings would be so hurt - I wasn't that malicious, was I?

We always say that it is "typical Sparty" to cheer for UM to lose when UM winning benefits them.  It would be hypocritical to say that and then cheer for MSU to lose when them winning helps us.

Do you really think a 1 game difference in conference standings in a given year has any tangible effect on recruiting?  I don't, but I am open to hearing that argument.  Unless that one game difference is one team winning a title and another not, I think tournament outcomes are far more memorable for a recruit.


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I don't know, to me a shared title is a shared title. From my team's perspective, I don't care who I share it with.

I'd rather get a 2/3 seed to avoid IU in the semifinals of the B10 tournament, thus giving us the best chance of racking up BTT wins and earning a #1 seed. I think that's far more important in this season where we have a legitimate chance to make a final four run.


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In other news, PSU is winning at NW.  It wouldn't hurt for them to win and ever-so-slightly remove some of the stigma from that loss.

True Blue 9

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Something I was considering at work today....if MSU loses today and has an early loss in the Big Ten tourny, I've had to think there is a decent chance they fall to the 4 seed line in the NCCA touranment, which if I understand correctly, would make them unprotected in regards to seeding location. I'd love to not have all of those MSU fans in the stands, cheering against us while they get shipped DC or LA. Looking at our home vs. road record, the less fans cheering against us the better! Any thoughts on this?

snarling wolverine

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Why does every game of interest have to start at 9:00?  It's murder on us who have to wake up early.  Grrr.

What I'm hoping for is for Wisconsin to win, but Gary Harris and Adreian Payne have big games and continue to raise their NBA stock.