Michigan State proves why they are "Little Brother"

Submitted by 814 East U on March 20th, 2013 at 12:49 PM

MSU fans act like this and say they aren't little brother...LINK

Michigan State fans are buying SDSU gear to wear at our game



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It's just as pathetic how people here find a way to relate every single thing to Michigan St.. You can't make fun of MSU fans for being obsessed with Michigan while you're just as obsessed with them.


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Which goes back to his point - who cares?

If he doesn't post his opinion and try to initiate some change of culture on this board, we'll always have people posting things about "Look what Sparty did! I can't believe they care so much about us" - it's the height of hypocrisy, and this post is a prime example.  We should be above pointing out such inane things.


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"we should be above pointing out such inane things".  Why?  Isnt that what sports and fandom is all about?  Talking about our rivals and vise versa?

It is ridiculous to think that we as a fan base are somehow above this or even should be.  And yes, I recognize the hypocrisy in always pointing out who Sparty is obsessed with us and frankly I have no problem with that because for the most part, being a fan of one team includes a mostly irrational  dislike of the other team and its fans. 

At the end of the day we are really just rooting for different colors of laundry. 


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And the author was in full on troll mode with the comment along the lines of "There is a decent chance South Dakota State will appear to have more fans than Michigan in Auburn Hills come Thursday night."

I mean, that's a troll hard lede right there. Is there a chance? sure! Is it above 1%? Not likely!

They've quadrupled merch sales! I'm sure they must be selling tens of shirts now! It sure will be interesting to see maybe 500 total actual/Sparty SDSU fans in Auburn HIlls!

But to give credit where credit is due, successful troll was successful.


March 20th, 2013 at 4:00 PM ^

But I do realize that my "arrogant and smugly" comment was a direct shot across pineapple's bow.

The whole "we don't even think about Staee cuz we're better than that" is the dumbest thing I can think of in sports fandom and that's what pineapple is trying to shove down our throats. The fact is -as I stated - sparty is one of our top 2 biggest rival in the top 2 sports. We think about them constantly, just in a different way than they do us. That doesn't bring us down to their level in the least.


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...MSU fans are the ones actively rooting for the team who plays against Michigan....this is the ultimate lil bro syndrome in full effect...I have yet to see any Mich fans actively pursue Valpo gear and openly root against Sparty...Im sure there are a few of them, but not nearly as many as the sparty/lil brothers of the world

814 East U

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you keep bringing up Michigan fans on other sites and bashing them...

but you could only know this  by reading other sites...and I am posting an article on MGoBlog from CBS Sports...so again...what is my obsession? If the article was about VCU fans doing this would I be obsessed with them? or OSU if their fans were doing it? I'd still probably post the article because it is about MICHIGAN in some way

maybe everyone who "runs back on MGoBlog" is obsessed



March 20th, 2013 at 1:53 PM ^

Other sites. I have no idea how to make this any clearer; you are not obssessed with MSU because you read an article about them on another site. You are obsessed because you came back here and made a thread about it with derogatory commentary just like a quarter of the people on this site do. Using the criterion of "it is about Michigan in some way" is a terrible criterion for creating a thread.

814 East U

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posting about Michigan sports/current events/issues! So an article that involves Michigan is included in that...go back to RCMB or 11W if you want to troll or hate on Michigan

And if MSU was replaced with VCU would I be obsessed with VCU? I really want to stay away from A10 fandom 


March 20th, 2013 at 1:23 PM ^

I think there is some obsession, but our obsession with them is their obsession with us. It's not like we're usually just looking at what their doing and saying "haha." It's usually something with what they're saying/doing, re: UM.

At least that's what I've perceived.