Michigan State Depth Chart Released

Submitted by EastCoast on August 29th, 2017 at 11:35 AM

I wouldn't normally post a non-opponent's week 1 depth chart, but this one seems worthy of a thread.

Michigan State's depth chart really shows how much suspensions and expulsions have devastated their program. I hardly recognize any names on there. The only guys I know are talented are Brian Allen and LJ Scott and maybe a couple other running backs.





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Left Tackle: Prisoner #835628, Alger Correctional Facility

Right Tackle: Prisoner #774563, Marquette Branch Prison

Quarterback: Brian Lewerke, Currently Unincarcerated (!)

Running Back: Prisoner #126533, Kinross Correctional Facility



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Pretty crazy, but...  I don't care how devastated they are on paper or how they've looked in any game up until the UM game. I will never, ever count out a Dantonio MSU team against UM; they are going to play with everything they have, and (outside of last years game) play their best game of the season.


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Half the board is still scared of MSU. It is comcial really. I guess that is what a few bad years does to fans. When I was a kid most talk about MSU was "How bad will Michigan beat them this year" now it is "shhhhh.don't say anything bad about them, we're scared."



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It's been more than "a few" bad years, Sparty's 7-2 since the Little Brother game. It's not necessarily being scared, as much as having some humility and realizing that even though we've had an advantage in talent, Sparty's given us some butt kickings over the past decade.

That being said, I think those days are over. MSU will always play us tough but hopefully last year's win serves as the beginning of a decade of dominance over Sparty.


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for many of those years thanks to awful recruiting/attrition in the late Carr, and RichRod eras.   So it's not like the butt kickings came while we had better talent.

Now we have better talent and coaching.  So anyone should feel very good about this season. We'll see how they bounce back.


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I don't think it's fear as much as knowledge that MSU's season is always defined by their game against Michigan, and they have enough talent to beat them even with a depleted roster.  It's probably a .500 team this year, and they still have enough solid players on the front 7 and in the offensive backfield to put the scare in anyone, especially if, say, UM's QB and WRs aren't on the same page.  

One of the never-ending annoyances I have with this fanbase is the notion that Michigan is some unbeatable dynasty that can't wet fart it's way into a loss, despite all evidence to the contrary.  Nobody is "running scared" of MSU, but I sure don't want to hear from the couple of MSU fans I know for 364 days about how their crappy team pulled off "a huge upset" against Michigan in 2017.


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Exactly. Anyone who's watched enough M football over the years has seen how an underdog team in a rivalry game can overacheive. We've done it numerous times to the OSU when they came into The Game as the favorite. And it's happened to us when the tables were turned.

That said, I think we curbstomp them this year as one in a long series of games in which we return the world to its regular order.


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I totally agree about the expected beating.  Harbaugh will always treat that game with extra importance, and for a lot of these kids on the roster their image of MSU football was them repeatedly beating up Michigan.  So it'll take half a decade or so of continuous revenge destructions to change that lingering sense.

Perkis-Size Me

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I'm willing to give Dantonio the benefit of the doubt for one more year as far as whether or not he's truly finished. Not scared of facing his teams, but I have a lot of respect for his collective body of work. Whooped us up and down the field for years, beat Meyer twice to effectively win the Big Ten. He consistently beat teams that had far superior talent. He beat arguably the greatest OSU team ever assembled on the road with a backup QB.  

Not unreasonable to assume his program's best days are behind him, but it wouldn't at all shock me to see his team win 8-9 games in the regular season this year. Because that's just what he does. I hope they crash and burn this year, go 0-12 and Harbaugh runs up the score on them just because he can. But it won't shock me at all to see a close game. No matter how depleted their roster might be, every single one of those guys is going to show up when they play Michigan.