Michigan Stadium Movie Night

Submitted by HELLE on August 17th, 2014 at 9:50 PM
It appears that I missed the Michigan Stadium Movie Night Open Thread. We just got home. We had a great time and got some great pics of our four month old on the field. I spoke to David Brandon for a second and he said that this was going to be at least an annual thing for season ticket holders. Hopefully they do this a few more times a year, along with other kinds of Season Ticket Holder events. The attendance was close to 500 people, with 450 on the field and the other 50 sitting in the south endzone. I can't see them ever expanding this event to the general public because a crowded field would have really taken away from the experience we had. The Athletic Department really did a great job tonight.



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That's me and my grandaughter on the blanket at the bottom of the I in the end zone.  Movie was OK, stadium was special.  I've never been on the field before, in spite of 40+ years with student/alum season tickets.  Hots dogs, pretzels and bottled drinks were half of the usual price, which made them reasonable.

I am not a fan of most of the things that DB and his marketing crew have done over the last few years, but this one was nice.

For the next time - The self printed tickets had all the usual prohibited items listed.  However, the were letting packs and baby strollers in (I think they were searching them) so anyone with a small child too young to watch the movie could still come in.  Wish they had made that clear at mgoblue or somewhere else.

All in all enjoyable and will do it again.


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I actually called the Event Promotion Department to see if I could bring in a stroller. They said to pretty much ignore the prohibited items list. They just didn't want people bringing food, drinks or lawn chairs. Hopefully they can keep the policy really laid back.

oriental andrew

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I've been on the field once, and still have a picture of it somewhere.  I was in the late orientiation before freshman year, which basically meant that I got on campus about a week early to do my orientation.  My future best man was also in that group, and one of the things we got to do was run around the field in Michigan Stadium.  Our orientation leaders even brought a football for us to toss around.  Pretty dang awesome.

Very jealous of your movie night!  Sounds like a blast!


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Since you asked nicely and twice, yes.   

I promise to refrain from OL comments until after the opener.

This will not be easy but I am pledging to do this.  Not switching to optimism, but willing to let the coaches do their work and present their product when it is due.

Who is on board with the pledge?  No snarky/the world is ending comments until we see the product on the field in a real game.

Sign on by commenting below.

Mabel Pines

August 17th, 2014 at 11:00 PM ^

I wish they did something for season ticket holders who live more than an hour away. With all the hot dog/tshirt ticket packages, a simple gesture such as a t-shirt for all season ticket holders would be nice.


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My were so excited to be there and had a great time, but I spent over a half hour in line for food because the concessions people were totally unprepared for what was really a very small crowd. I waited in line with my son for 20 minutes before the movie started only to find that they had already run out of hot dogs, brats and pretzels (everything besides candy and drinks). They wouldn't go get anything from another line for me, and they weren't warning anyone behind me not to waste their time. So then I had to take my son back to the field and run all the way back up the stairs again and go back to the end of another line to get actual food. If you're going to ban outside food, you'd better be able to handle the demand you create, especially with so many kids who don't understand being told there's no food for them. On the plus side, the fact that the tickets (which were never checked by anyone) were free and the food was half the normal price was nice, especially given the feeling during football games that they're squeezing us for every penny they can. I know this was the first time for this, so hopefully they will be more prepared next time, though I assume the crowd will be larger next time, too, because more people will know about it and they'll probably give more than a week's notice.

scanner blue

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I was curious about how many people showed up for this event, so I asked the usher at the tunnel entrance for a figure. He said they clicked in with an old fashioned counter just over 2000. He said very few people came in gates 2 or 4(who wouldn't want to enter the field thru the tunnel). This seems right to me cuz the field was darn near filled by preview time.


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My husband, son, and father in law went. They all had a great time. I was sorry to miss out and I'm glad to see it will be an annual thing!


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I assume that after paying for the staff and the rights to air the movie (not sure what that cost), they probably didn't break even with concessions. If they are going to have a movie night, they should reward the fans who donate to the university and stay loyal by buying season tickets. Season Ticket Holders need to be viewed as a special group by the Athletic Department.