Is Michigan stadium hadicap accessible

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I have a buddy that wants to bring his disabled son to the spring game, but we both are not sure if we can get a wheelchair in the stands. Does anyone have any imput on my situation? It would be greatly appreciated, thanks.



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EDIT for clarity:

Just FYI, handicap accessibility was the point for quite a bit of the renovations. So I would say, yes, very much yes, you should have plenty of availability.


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also, you can trade in regular season tickets for a wheelchair spot and a seat next to said spot. My mom and her mother did that for a game last year.


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I went with a small group of people last season, one of which was in a wheelchair. I was very impressed by both the Michigan Stadium crew and the crew of volunteers/employees at Ann Arbor Pioneer High School. At the HS they pointed us to the spots reserved for those with wheelchairs and handicap tags for their cars, this just happened to be very close to the sidewalk and was really helpful to her first experience at The Big House. As for the Stadium crew they actually sought us out to let is in an extra wide gate and when we got to our seats they stored hr wheelchair for the duration of the game. I have always been proud to be a Wolverine fan, but when the employees are as helpful as they were that day it really makes me extremely proud of the University.


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Apparently they were monitoring our thread. I got an email in the last 5 minutes on the subject.

I suggest calling the number or emailing the name for specific questions.


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I concur. They can learn plenty about their target audience by studying places that they congregate. I've heard a few different SIDs mention that they've kept up with mgoblog, at least checking up on it occasionally. It makes sense as we're an outlet for them to get more press out, as well as a place to gauge fan needs.


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Thank you everyone. I could have researched this better, but it would'nt be the same as from real people and real expeirences. If I ever need to know anything about michigan I know where to go. You guys just made some little kids day.


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I would say yes, given all the Bucknuts who were able to find their way for last year's game. We'll know for sure when we host Sparty this year, though.