Michigan Stadium feedback from UConn fans

Submitted by Glutton on September 5th, 2010 at 2:09 PM

Was reading the report card on UConn at Hartford Courant (they did not grade well) and came across a nice comment about the Michigan stadium experience.

"...Also, I have to thank the Michigan fans for their hospitality. What a great venue for college football."

Another reason I am proud to be a Wolverine.  Go Blue.





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There were four die-hard UConn fans in front of us in Section 43 and they were big time assholes.  There were two others in front of them and they were extremely respectful and showed respect.  With the four assholes, it got to the point where everyone within a 10 foot radius were starting to jaw at them.  I had to smile when they predicted Shoemate should waltz in the endzone -- and after the fumble all of four of them were sitting with their hands over their heads.  Everyone around is gave them respect they just didn't give it back to us.


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I sit in sec 13 just below the visitors section. We had four dudes behind us that were some of the biggest a-holes I've ever seen from opposing fans (including buckeyes). Actually reminded me more of sparty. The a-holes openly cheered when Carvin Johnson went down. 

The best part of the game was about 10 minutes to go when they were whispering amongst themselves about when they should leave. 


Maize and Blue…

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and they were saying the return game might not happen.  They also mentioned that their stadium is off campus and you could drink alcoholic beverages in the stadium.

They all had great things to say about the experience except for the game itself because of the result.  I didn't meet one who wasn't pleasent and the same can be said for those who were here for the Bball game last year.


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It's pretty interesting to read the skewering that Edsall was taking for effectively being outcoached by one Rich Rodriguez. Also interesting to read were the almost over arching sentiments that UConn failed to execute on defense as opposed to getting largely dominated by an emerging Michigan offensive line.


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I sat in the uconn family section and have nothing but good things to say about their fans. I told many of them about Brock Mealer's story way before the game, and once he started his way towards the banner they became part of something greater. The usual jabs thrown back and forth barely started before Brock walked and they were gone for the rest of the game. Maybe it was because they were in awe of Denard, or maybe the stadium, or maybe it was the fact that they had just witnessed a miracle. Either way, they can come to AA any time.


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We had some good fans around us in Sec 14.  However, some of them were cheering when Robinson and Molk went down.  I get wanting your team to win but have some respect for a 19 or 20 year old kid who may be seriously injured.


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Hoping uconn fans check in for these. Was row 87 of the endzone right in the middle of the visitors section and there was no jawer amongst them. Very respectful and fun to bs with... clapped and cheered alongside blue fans for Brock etc.

Would be thrilled to play them again

Moe Greene

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If you read the comments, you'll see this:


UConn never had an answer for running QBs. We still don't. It looks like Michigan dropped a bomb on an unsuspecting UConn but that wasn't the way it was. Rich Rod dropped a bomb on a fully prepared UConn coaching staff.


This comment sounds strangely familiar to long time observers of OUR program....


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The asshats dressed in Maize and Blue around me were far worse than any of the UCONN fans around. UCONN fans were even telling them to check themselves and look at the scoreboard.

Mind you we were up 21-0 :

"Where is Tate? Rod's an idiot "

"We are one dimensional. We need to vertical"

"Nice play call idiot"

" We are going to lose if Tate doesn't start seeing some action"

At this point, people starting putting them in check, and pointing to the scoreboard, and their response was along the lines of we were morons for not seeing that Rich Rod was a horrible coach,and needed to be fired.

M Fanfare

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Sounds like one moron who was sitting two or three rows behind me. On the first UConn punt where our returner (Gallon I think?) let it go and it dribbled down the sideline this guy was screaming "YOU HAVE TO CATCH THAT!!!! WHY WOULD YOU LET THAT GO?????" Never mind that the punt would have required a very tough catch while running at full speed towards the sideline with several UConn players in the vicinity and that the ball took severall UConn bounces.

A few minutes later, Gallon (?) muffed that punt in traffic and the same guy is screaming "OH MY GOD WHY WOULD YOU EVER TRY TO CATCH THAT??? YOU HAVE TO LET THAT GO!!!"

I didn't want to get into an altercation with another Michigan fan, but I wanted to turn around after the muffed punt and say to the guy "He tried to catch it because you told him to a few minutes ago."


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Regardless of the comments, he 100% should have caught the first one. He had time and room and assumed it would roll out of bounds. He tried to catch the second one because he knew he should have caught the first one.


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I truly believe that many of these alleged "fans" want, in the deep recesses of their dark minds, to see us lose so that their worldview about RR is verified. The possibility that they might be wrong about him is literally unacceptable because it destroys so many of their preconceived notions about the world around them.


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Exactly! Thanks for agreeing. I get booing the other team or even refs at some point (within reason). And someone really should figure out something better than "you suck" to say during Temptation, though it's a little to far along to change. Sing the actual words? They really don't go with the game. Oh well there are some things I can change, and this probably isn't one of them.


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We tailgated yesterday at Elbel and there were a ton of UConn fans on South Fifth around Fingerle Lumber (near Hill).  A few were pretty cocky and loud even yelling out things like "sucks to be you" and "I'm sorry you're wearing those colors."  A guy was even standing right in the path of cars daring them to hit him and then yelling as they went by.  Not atypical for college kids on a road trip I guess...

I also thought the UConn Huskies chant when Roundtree was down on the field was pretty classless.

Funny, though... I didn't hear near as much after the game.


September 6th, 2010 at 3:03 AM ^

I live in CT, have one child at UM, one at UConn, and was at the game with family and neighbors.  They were all pumped to be here and nothing but praise for the whole environment.


Booing the Uconn band and the chant was tasteless and tacky.   It made me cringe.

I was sitting by the gate after the game and a stream of UM students passed my son, who was wearing a UConn shirt (I was in maize and blue).  Apparently the chant for the day was - with fingers pointing at him -  "you're a loser, long ride home".

Never seen anything like that at a UM game before - maybe a sign of the times.

Just venting


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I do know that OSU fans treat our band like crap - boo them, throw things at them, etc.  - but I find that incredibly nauseating and I don't want us following suit.  The opposing band is there to contribute to the atmosphere.  It is playing music for us.  It is not playing against us.  Feel free to boo the opposing team, but leave the band alone.


September 6th, 2010 at 1:51 PM ^

Because other fans will treat you like classless idiots, you think that it makes sense to lower yourself to their level? I've been to many a road game, and I'm proud that our fans are generally a step above most other fans, and WAY above certain groups of fans.  But I'm getting the feeling that students today not only are trying to be louder, but more obnoxious.  And all you're doing is having opposing fans say "yeah, the fans were great, but the students were assholes, just like at every other University". We used to pride ourselves on being a step up on the rest.  Be loud at the game. Before and after the game, it doesn't do anything to help your team, other than make them look worse by association.