Michigan Softball senior class

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199-41-1 (.828) record

80-10 (.889) B1G record

2 Women's College World Series appearances

2 NCAA Super Regional Championships

2 NCAA Regional Championships

3 B1G Championships

1 B1G Tournament Championship

#2 Aidan Falk ,#8 Nikki Wald, #12 Amanda Vargas, #16 Morgan Swift, #23 Taylor Swearingen, #24 Tera Blanco

Thank you seniors!




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as a minor sport athlete...thanks for the effort you put in to publicize and appreciate these young women and thier efforts. Great program, great run, sad to see them go out this way but they had a wonderful career and education while at Michigan. GO BLUE.

Wolverine Devotee

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Since Football's last Big Ten title in 2004, Softball has a National Championship, 5 World Series, 11 Regional Championships, 10 B1G Championships and 3 B1G Tournament Championships with a stellar record against rivals including winning every meeting with MSU from 2008-2016 and OSU 2010-2016.

Football has one Sugar Bowl


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Most of the accolades listed were accomplished when this Senior class were Frosh and Sophs.  As Juniors and Seniors, they have one BIG regular season title (this year).

They have been ousted from their first game in the BIG tourney two years in a row by MSU, did not qualify to host a NCAA regional, and did not win a NCAA regional.  A true measure of the class is what they did as Juniors and Seniors, and the result is not that impressive by UM softball standards.  

The Krusty Kra…

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I understand that this senior class may have not had the impact players the classes of '13-'16 did however, going 1-4 down the stretch is a pretty putrid finish for a Conference Champion. Their biggest problem was the offense seemed to fall silent at the most important times. Why that happened, we may never understand. Looks like the team has some promising freshmen and sophomores so upwards, onwards, and back to the College World Series next year ladies!

South Bend Wolverine

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Dude, cut it out.  You show up in softball threads just to take pot shots at the team.  You contribute zero worthwhile analysis ever.  You just try to make everyone else feel bad about enjoying following the team, because they are not good enough for you.  I have no idea why you feel the need to do this, but it's really, really lame.  I'm not sorry about the fact that I love this team.

gustave ferbert

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Beilein has made amazing accomplishments. 

But I'm glad you asked.  These coaches would otherwise be put on the hotseat after not meeting expectations.  We've gone through Hoke and Rodriguez who were kept on short leashes.  If Hutch were held to the same standard she would be held to account after a couple of years ago  She had arguably the best team she ever had with Romero and company.  They fell short and didn't win the CWS.  Why is she given the pass?  You look at her accomplishments.  They are impressive but in what context?  The big ten is weak in this sport.  But the fan base in this sport treats her like a deity.  The program won it's only national championship 13 years ago.  The seniors on this team were 9 years old. 

Michigan just lost to MSU in the b1g tournament.  Didn't Michigan lose to Minnesota last year?  If that happened in other sports it would have been analyzed, critiqued, and explanations demanded.  

So yes, I'm critical.  I don't expect greatness, but I expect more.  As we all do in the other sports. 



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The problem with all of this spleen-venting is that you don't get to set the standards that coaches have to meet.

There's not been a year when Michigan softball was expected to win the national championship bar 2005, so them not doing so isn't failing to meet anyone's expectations but yours, and yours appear to be based on ignorance.


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Hey, when Hutch goes 5-7 or 3-9 and sends out a clearly-concussed hitter to get beaned in the head again, let's talk.

I get it - you are unhappy with a season that only ended in a conference title.  Not quite sure you couldn't have restricted that complaining to the game thread where you already vented a couple of times, but hey, when people aren't listening to you rant at one street corner, might as well see if you have better luck a couple of blocks down.  It still means you're wrong, but the audience might not be as burned out.


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ladies. I have to wonder if Blanco wishes she could have pitched more but it's hard to move ahead of Betsa and Beaubien. She was an awesome first sacker, though.


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clearly a Michigan thread - where posters cannot celebrate outstanding contributions by some college athletes because national titles are supposedly a standard of achievement.

Well done by this group of UM athletes. Go Blue.


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Congrats to the seniors. Only the excellent standards they set would lead to the couple of aasholes around here complaining about a conference championship and another playoff appearance. They represented this school well all four years.

South Bend Wolverine

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I'll miss these players for sure.  It's been a lot of fun helping to cover them, along with a few other folks around here, and I'm happy for them getting the Big Ten crown back as seniors.  I'm sure they're also a little disappointed with how the post-season has gone the last couple years, but that's not enough to overshadow some pretty great achievements.

One particularly bittersweet note - the last players from the hallowed "Year of the Pizza" team have now moved on.  The world of college sports moves fast.


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Damn they benefited from having the sierras during their first 2 years.

What accomplishments does this class have as upper classmen? One regular season big ten championship. That is pretty pedestrian for this program.


May 20th, 2018 at 11:53 PM ^

If we accept Sierra Romero as something somewhat less than one of the greatest players in NCAA history, I guess I see your point.

I'm not going to argue that this was a great class, but it was representative. Led by Blanco, who should be remembered as one of the better hitters we've ever had here.

I didn't know that about her pitching preferences. Recruiting is tricky. We needed her to take those innings.

Congrats to Blanco, Falk, Swearingen, Swift, Vargas and Wald. Being part of 199 wins is very impressive.

Feat of Clay

May 21st, 2018 at 9:10 AM ^

I am not sure why their postseason play was so off (suddenly, errors & cold bats) but this has still been an enjoyable team to follow.  

Whoever floated the idea that we should shitcan Hutch, that gave me the kind of laugh I don't normally get to have on a Monday morning, so thank you very much for the comedy.


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leaving the Wolverines. Hutch will just reload though and keep the train running. Great run ladies and good luck in the future


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is continuing to match and then exceed it from year to year. Consistency, as we all well know,  is the hallmark of a champion and the bottom line expectation at Michigan. And this program is clearly highly successful and dynamic because of its record of achievement during the past four years. Winning another Big Ten title certifies the continued strength of this great program.

But precisely because of that, no one connected with it is going to describe the outcome yesterday as a satisfactory end to their season or the careers of some of the great women who played such a big part in that overall success.

I have no doubt this team will only improve. I mean this team isn't that far away from competing again for another WS berth going forward, especially with such a highly touted class coming in. Some of the best teams in the country, at Oregon and Florida, are a tick better than Michigan now because they have better ptiching depth and better lineups.

There has been a significant run-scoring and power drop-off in this team over the past four years that cannot be ignored. Meghan Baubien is a tremendous talent and perhaps the nation's best freshman pitcher. Hutch has already reloaded and this team will be back.

What is terrific about women's sofftball now is the level of coverage it now receives and the opportunity to see all the teams play that you could only read about before. Watching them play, you can guage for yourself where Michigan stands by comparison. And Michigan, in my opinion, is clearly a top 20 team with the opportunity to build on that through growth, experience and confidence. Consider that ND has never even made it to the Super Regionals before, and we are disappointed that Michigan doesn't get there every year.

The program has lifted expectations for its performance and success perhaps beyond what it could reasonably shoulder and achieve this year. But the good thing is, it gets to build on that going forward, even as it loses such vital senior contributors. That is the way of the sports world and competition. But I have a brighter outlook for next year based on this year's effort.