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Submitted by goblue85 on February 23rd, 2019 at 7:19 AM

Currently women’s softball is 4-7.   So I started the fire arico which team won 7 in row since thread.   I was hoping that it would turn out that way to get the team going forward.  So I think it’s time to try again.  Fire Hutch



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The ever-present fan who believes they have a role in wins and losses!!! I know you are trying to be cute...but this is an old, worn out act...though many actually believe in it-though they will never admit it..


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This is the same as screaming "fire Beilein", except that Hutch has actually won things before the screams started.  If there is any coach on the Ann Arbor campus who has earned a pass for a rough season, its Carol Hutchins.

Tongue in cheek, or not, I'm not joining this call...

Michigan Arrogance

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In all seriousness, I'm worried. They got crushed by Stanford and that is the one program in Palo Alto that is not good.

The hitting we expected to be a problem - esp the lack of power. But the pitching has been crazy at times - about 15 hit batters in 11 games? Lots of hard hit balls from both pitchers.


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Yes the loss to Stanford really left me worried. I’m a softball fan and my daughter has played for years. She’s currently in her senior season in college. Colorado State beat Stanford behind a pitcher I have known since she was 10. She is good but nothing great and she shut them out. How did UM get crushed by this team. Have to admit it left me a little worried also 


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Stanford is on the rise - they are 9-2 and also beat #7 LSU earlier in the day. They hired Minnesota's Coach Allister, who we are familiar with getting that program to the level where they beat us. With that said, I am really alarmed at the state of the pitching and the pitiful hitting. Something's gotta change or a lot more streaks will end this year (no post season? first losing season in forever??). We have a LOT of challenging games coming up immediately (LSU again, UCLA, Tennessee, Oregon, Washington, Arizona State) and the B1G appears to be a lot deeper than normal with Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State, among others, all picking up wins better than ours so far and flirting with the top 25. Yikes.

Wolverine Devotee

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Glad I read your entire post because I was about to open up a can. 

Look. The pitching isn’t the problem. 

Scoring 1 run, 2 runs, 3 runs isn’t gonna win many games. The hitting in HORRENDOUS. There’s only so much a pitcher can do. 

The fact we only lost 2-0 to #9 LSU on their home field is a credit to the pitching. The anemic offense is losing us games. 

One thing I will say is I don’t understand what Hutch is doing. Twice now in two weeks we’ve been in a tie game with Storako and we just pull her out and put Beaubien in and a meltdown happens. 

Hutch called out the upperclassmen on this team during the week in a Daily article. Junior captain Madison Uden has been benched for being 4-21 at the plate. 

Katie Alexander is the only upperclassman doing anything out there so far. 

Better get this figured out now because we have 4 straight top-17 opponent’s next weekend. 


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A pair of wins today, though unranked opposition. 4-2 over Memphis with Storako. And Beaubien with a no-hitter over Cal-Northridge. I get the concern, especially about the lack of power (no HR today, either), but it is a very young team and Hutch has had two solid recruiting classes in a row after a couple of weaker ones while the Sierras were dominating.