Michigan Seat Cushions

Submitted by dothepose on April 23rd, 2011 at 8:55 AM

So I was excited to get an e-mail yesterday saying I can renew my season tickets online. Even though the price was jacked up by about $200, I noticed there was an option to buy a cushion lease. So I clicked on it, and this year they are offering seat cushions to be installed where your seats are located. You pay $32 per seat you have and all year they will be permanently fixed to your seat.

I am excited about this for two reasons.

1. It will force people to stay in their seat location and prevent people from sliding down the row.

2. Who doesn't like sitting on 2 inches of foam?

I think it is pretty cool, and have noticed alot of other colleges have that  and wondered why Michigan never did.  This probably isn't the biggest news in the world but thought it was interesting and people that haven't read their emails or gotten their renewals have something new to look forward too.





April 23rd, 2011 at 9:27 AM ^

I'm going to get them just so that people will stop sliding down and taking our seats. It's a huge problem in the lower rows (I'm in row 1). At the osu game in 09 I have 4 seats and there were people sitting in the aisles because of all the people trying to get closer to the field and cramming in. I wish it had a back to it though but either way I think it's a great idea and I'm all for it.


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You do know that you were able to renew your tickets online for a long time right? The price isn't higher for renewing online either, they raised prices this year to $60 a seat per game. We have 8 games this year not 7 like last year so 8 X $60=$480 a seat. That's why it's higher, it has nothing to do with renewing them online.


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Wow, you make me sound like I'm an idiot. Nowhere did I say it was more expensive to buy them online. I know it is the same whether or not I do it in the mail or online. I know the prices went up this year thats why its more. I'm complaining because of games like Eastern, San Diego State and Western that are 70 bucks.

I think it varies when people can renew their tickets online. Because it didn't say anything on my account until yesterday I'm sure people with higher priority points got e-mails first.


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"So I was excited to get an e-mail yesterday saying I can renew my season tickets online. Even though the price was jacked up by about $200"
<br>Sorry I read that as you thought it was more for online not $200 for the seat cushion my bad.
<br>I actually checked my account earlier inter day and it said that I didn't have any tickets to renew. Around 8 is when I got the email that I could renew online and so I signed on and there they were


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...so I have been thinking about the seat cushions a lot since I got the email.  (Sad, I know.) I was originally in favor of getting them, but now I have changed my mind.  Here is why:


1.  I can "reserve" my space with a purchased seat cushion from Moes/bookstore.  They are much cheaper.  (I have two already).  The cushion is less thick, but I don't think it matters enough to pay extra.  Of course, I have to bring the cushions in and move people off my seat if they are there, but this is not a big hassle (I am more concerned with being squeezed during the game.)

Plus, my hand-held cushion can be kept clean until i sit on it.


2. If they had chairbacks, I would be there without a doubt.


3. The price is a rip-off.  It really is if you think about "leasing" a cushion.  It is almost offensively over-priced for what you get.


4. I know the people around me.  If I buy them and I am raised up by the extra thick cushion height (2 inches), then that it may bother the people behind me (the shorter girl at least).  How knows...maybe the AD is okay with the incentive it gives to other people behind you to get them too?? (the standing up effect?)


5.  Similar to the bottled water crap they pulled...I can see them eventually banning all other cushions to maintain their monolpy.  This might be a stretch, but I thought banning water was a stretch. 


April 23rd, 2011 at 9:54 AM ^

I don't like the cushions that you can be from Moe's and other places because they're slightly larger than what your actual seat is.  Thus, people around me will use the seat cushions and I lose space.  Since I'm not a very wide person I can deal with it, but if more people in my row start buying Moe's cushions then I'll eventually have no space at all.

As long as these "rent-a-cushions" are the correct size then I won't mind them.  Neither would I pay to have them, but I won't complain... unless of course it stops me from going up and down the bleachers themselves before and after games.


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This is great because it sets the boundaries of a normal amount of human sitting space.  If you've spent some time watching games at Michigan Stadium before, you know exactly what I'm talking about.


April 23rd, 2011 at 9:56 AM ^

...at the Big Chill.  They work surprisingly well.  I have an office job, and took it to work with me because the chair at my desk sucks.  The cushions that the OP is talking about sound even better.


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My mom found 2 perfectly comfortable Michigan seat cushions at a garage sale several years back for $2.00.  My dad and I have used those ever since.

But I don't have season tickets so...there was really no point of me responding to this. 


April 23rd, 2011 at 12:36 PM ^

Unfortunately people sitting in front of me bring their own cushions too, but if they go get food or go to the bathroom, their cushions get pushed down the row.  I've even seen it where they stand up to let people through the row and the people next to them will sit/push the cushions down as soon as the person passes to gain more space.

The cushions are 17 inches wide, I not a big guy, so this gives me all the space of my actual seats.  $64 for 2 seats, all 8 games...I'll take it.


April 23rd, 2011 at 2:23 PM ^

I could be retired on a tropical island right now.  Brings new meaning to Canham's "100,000 people paid for a seat on Saturday, and when they left, they left the seat behind".


April 23rd, 2011 at 3:22 PM ^

It's not a big enough deal to where I'll make a stand against them, but I will point out that a random scattering of seat cushions looks pretty ugly in an empty stadium. It certainly won't be as noticeable as it is here at Minnesota (with the open end of the bowl facing campus), but it'll make pictures/videos that once looked cool (people running the stairs, first snow, former player reminiscing on an empty field, etc.) look somewhat tacky.


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At the 'Shoe, the chair backs/cushions run $49 per seat for season ticket holders (assuming 7 home games). But I've never heard of buying "permanent" cushions only. Must be Michigan only as most of the B1G uses the same design with different logos/colors. I've been to the Big House once (in 2009) and couldn't believe how many people were crammed into a row. Maybe it's gotten better with the renovation, but I'd highly recommend them, if only for those of us with boney asses. Yes, I try to stand through most of the games, but it's such a relief during time outs, halftimes, etc. Also, having your seat truly designated by boundaries is a huge benefit.