Michigan Reverse Sheep - Week 4

Submitted by Michigan CFB R… on September 18th, 2018 at 2:19 PM

Congrats to cs4703 for eking out a win last week with 25 points!  Darkstar is the overall leader for the season at 133 points.  You can view the overall leaderboard here.  Aces were hard to come by this past week as we only had two, which can be viewed on the website.  Week 4 challenges have been posted to https://reversesheep.michigancfbrisk.com.

Week 4 Questions

  • Pick a Big Ten team that will have at least 150 rushing yards.
  • Pick a Michigan player that will record a reception this week.
  • Pick a Michigan player that will record a tackle.
  • Pick a Big Ten player that will record a sack.
  • Michigan will have AT LEAST how many passing yards this week?

Week 4 submissions will lock just prior to the Illinois - Penn State game on Friday night at 8:55 PM EDT.


Reverse Sheep FAQs

What is it?

This will be a weekly futures prediction game with an emphasis on Michigan-relevant challenges.  Each week, there will be 5 different challenges relating to the Michigan game that week, other B1G games, and our rivals.  The goal is to come up with answers that are both correct and unique. In other words, you want to pick the least popular answer that is still correct for each challenge.


How does scoring work?

If you guess a correct answer, your score will be the number of people who picked that answer in total.  If you pick an incorrect answer, your score for that challenge will be the number of users who picked the most popular correct answer added to the total number of correct answers for that challenge.  The best scenario is to get an “ace”, which happens when you are the only person to correctly pick an answer, giving a score of 1.


How about an example?

Let’s say that the challenge is to “Pick the length of a scoring play in the Michigan-Notre Dame game.” and that the following answers end up being correct:

  • 1 yard (20 respondents)

  • 3 yards (15 respondents)

  • 5 yards (12 respondents)

  • 12 yards (5 respondents)

  • 34 yards (2 respondents)

  • 49 yards (1 respondent)

Everyone who successfully picked the length of a scoring play receives a score equal to the total number of respondents to pick that answer.  The person who picked “49 yards” gets an ace (a score of 1 point). Everyone who picked incorrectly gets a score of 26, which is the number of people who picked the most popular correct answer (20) plus the total number of correct answers (6).


Sounds fun. How do I play?

  1. Join our Michigan Wolverines Discord server.  It’s as easy as clicking a link: https://discord.gg/Gqqsczy

  2. Go to reversesheep.michigancfbrisk.com and login with your Discord credentials.

We plan to keep our Discord server active during the week and especially on game days.  If you would like to have a place to discuss all things Michigan football with some fellow fans in a non-toxic environment, we welcome you to join us!  If you just sign up to play the game, then that’s cool, too.


But why do I have to join your Discord server?

This is the mechanism we are using to authenticate users and to track everyone’s scores.  In an ideal world, you could log into the game website with your mgoblog account. Something like that would require some setup on Brian, Seth, et al.’s part and I’m sure they have much bigger concerns heading into the season.


Will there be any awards?

Flair will be rewarded on our Discord each week to the winners and to anyone who gets an ace.  Any other awards/prizes are TBD.


I’d like to suggest a challenge or question for a future week.

We welcome any and all suggestions for future weeks.  Post them in this thread or in the #reverse-sheep channel on Discord.


Michigan CFB R…

September 18th, 2018 at 6:54 PM ^

I'll paste this explanation from the original reddit version of the game.  Should probably include this in the weekly posts.


What is Reverse Sheep?

Reverse Sheep (or PEEHS) is a futures prediction game in which the goal is to come up with answers that are both correct and unique. Each week will feature five questions, except for this abbreviated week 0.

A normal Sheep game is like Family Feud: You want to be a "sheep" and follow the crowd, identifying the most popular answer. Reverse Sheep is the opposite: You want to give the least popular answer that is still correct. If you provide a correct answer, you score points equal to how many people guessed your answer. If your answer is incorrect, you score points equal to the number of people who guessed the most popular answer PLUS the total number of unique correct answers given. Lowest score wins.

Each week, there will be five questions about players, teams, point totals, and anything else I can think up.