Michigan Reunion At The SuperBowl

Submitted by jokenjin on January 19th, 2009 at 3:16 AM

I'm sure I am not the only one who has noticed this, but this SuperBowl is going to be a huge gathering of Michigan football alumni. I'm so excited.

Arizona Cardinals:
15 - Steve Breaston: everyone's favorite punt returner. He's turned out to be a great third receiver for Warner and had his first 1,000 yard receiving year this year.
84 - Jerame Tuman: signed off the streets a week ago because one of their tight ends got hurt, so he might not see any playing time. still, he's had a very solid career. Does anyone know if he won a ring when Pittsburgh won it years ago?
78 - Alan Branch: I believe he is hurt and has done virtually nothing so far in his career for the Cards
98 - Gabe Watson: rotates regularly in the defensive line rotation (shouldn't he switch numbers with Branch?)
57 - Victor Hobson: signed for more linebacker depth and special teams player. I feel he should at least get some PT somewhere next year if he isn't back with the Cards

Pittsburgh Steelers
50 - Larry Foote: not sure if he starts, but is a regular in the defense, came up with a huge interception last week
56 - LaMarr Woodley: Big Wood! Has had a great season this year and I hope he keeps it up. Two huge sacks this week and last week as well, including a monster hit on Rivers

Side note: I want to include Charlie Batch. Even though he didn't play for Michigan, I watched him play while he was at Eastern Michigan and he was my favorite Lions quarterback when he played. At least, he's the most successful one we've had in recent memory.

This will be a great SuperBowl - I think it will be much closer than people think it is going to be.




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I was looking online yesterday and there is Grant Mason and Ryan Mundy w/ the Steelers. I dont' know that either is active but they are listed w/ the team.