Michigan recruiting by the numbers

Submitted by Bluey on June 20th, 2018 at 3:54 PM


Composite Top 100 commits: 6

Composite Top 247 commits: 9

Total # of 4/5 star commits: 13

Total # of 3 star commits: 14

Class Rank: #8 overall



Composite Top 100 commits: 6

Composite Top 247 commits: 14

Total # of 4/5 star commits: 21

Total # of 3 star commits: 9

Class Rank: #5 overall



Composite Top 100 commits: 0

Composite Top 247 commits: 5

Total # of 4/5 star commits: 7

Total # of 3 star commits: 12

Class Rank: #21 overall



Composite Top 100 commits: 2

Composite Top 247 commits: 3

Total # of 4/5 star commits: 5

Total # of 3 star commits: 5

Class Rank: TBD


For comparison, last year OSU signed 13 top 100 players and 20 in the composite top 247. In 2017 they signed 11 in the composite top 100 (five 5 stars) and 17 in the composite top 247.



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Nobody gives a shit about your perspective. Be it based on numbers, stats, facts, or feelingsball. You lost whatever credibility you had, when you went all in on Beilein can’t recruit and we will never win with him as coach. Now kindly go fuck yourself with a rake. 


Concern trolling is is the lowest form of trolling


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Now youre going to act like you didnt start/contribute to multiple beilein cant recruit, fire beilein threads? This same loser will later claim he didn't start any Harbaugh can't recruit noise. Why don't you leave Michigan behind and head on over to rcmb where you belong maizen.

You will not be missed.


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LOL like no one remembers that. I remember it well. This board was unbearable early in the season the last 2 years in basketball and you were the biggest reason why.

Also, I don't follow recruiting a whole lot but I actually don't see what the big deal is. Of course recruiting matters, but the 21st class isn't that bad, and that was with a pretty small haul. 2019 is already looking much better. And we've heard that Drevno's recruiting was a problem and now he's gone. As long as we have a really good year (and I'm pretty optimistic about that), it's fine.

SMart WolveFan

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Reminds me of that part in The Jerk where Navin is showing the carnival goes what prizes they can win:

"If you only look at these years, in this geographic location, confined to Rivals rankings 75-113 with OLB named Bob who run with a limp, Harbaugh has NEVER signed one."



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so you’re saying we’re on pace in 2019 for a class like 2016 (13-4/5 stars vs 14-3 stars). That’s how i read this since we’re currently at 5 and 5. 

i’ll take a top ten class all day.

Keep the good news coming!


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So over the past 3 years, our recruiting class has been on average the #11.3 class in the country. That's pretty damn good. Are you expecting us to finish top 5 every year?


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He is slipping on the recruiting trail. That's in black and white and not debatable. Doesn't mean he can't recruit. You do understand the difference right? Doesn't sound like you do, so you can't draw simple conclusions. Quit putting words in my mouth. Thanks.

The Man Down T…

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Not enough for what he's given us to cheer over the years.  From Novack and Douglass making that first tourney in over a decade to Trey in the championship game to last season's finals.  What he's done with this team is: Win banners, Beat Rivals and compete for national titles.  Pretty much what every team wants to do.  


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If there is no analysis, what is your point?  It appears to me you've posted 2 good data points, one not so good data point, and an incomplete data point.

So what's your point?  What is the point of any of your posts?  The staff isn't trying hard enough?  They should call you before making offers?  They should use the 247 Composite to make all of their offers? 

I was a bit annoyed at the finish to last year's class, but going 8-5 and losing the last 3 games of the season while the entire offensive coaching staff is being blasted by fans, media and I'm sure opposing coaches for being incompetent didn't help matters.  We also lost our top 2 recruits to...the two teams that played in the National Championship.  Show me a team that consistently recruits in the top 10 and ALWAYS underperforms...ok besides L$U or Notre Dame. 

Things appear to have picked up this weekend and I think the class will finish fine (10-15ish).  A 10-2 or better season will probably help as well - remember nobody can sign until December.


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"That we are talking about this in Harbaugh's 4th year "

WE are not talking about it. YOU are talking about it...again and again. 

I'm really glad you posted the info above. It really discredits your whole narrative. Anyone who works with numbers and forecasts for a living will tell you that year three of Harbaugh recruiting looks like an anomaly and year four is trending to be back on the standards of year one and two. 

I fail to see the sky falling in these numbers. Thanks for reminding everyone that Harbaugh is a good recruiter and after one off year he appears to be back on track. Great news!!! Thank you!



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How exactly is year 4 trending back up again. Michigan is currently 17th. They are the crystal ball favorite for zero composite top 100 players at the moment. They are in line to receive several more commitments in the coming days and weeks from more 3 stars recruits. Please clarify. Thanks.


June 20th, 2018 at 5:15 PM ^

Would you like a spreadsheet?

2019 class currently has 10 commits. Let's assume Michigan signs an average class of 25.

Extrapolate that and your class finishes looking like this. 

Composite Top 100: 5

Composite Top 247: 7 or 8

Total # of 4/5 star: 12 or 13

Total # of 3 star: 12 or 13


That is basically a duplicate of the 2016 class, slightly behind the 2017 class, and well ahead of the 2018 class. 

Since neither you or I know exactly who will sign, who will de-commit, and where people will finish the year ranked, any further analysis/argument is baseless speculation.




June 20th, 2018 at 4:23 PM ^

It all starts with good recruiting.  The question is defining a good recruiting class.  Previous data sifting indicates the teams with the most 4 and 5 star recruits tend to rise to the top of rankings each year (have the most in-season success).  No one should be surprised by that.  Nevertheless, many teams have sustained success without grabbing a handful of top 100 players each recruiting cycle (e.g., MSU, WI).

Furthermore, recruiting isn't the end-all in fielding a successful football team.  Harbaugh continually attracts good coaches.  Harbaugh is himself a top-tier coach.  Brown is clearly at the top of the profession.  Harbaugh and his staff have NFL cred, which is attractive to D-I kids who seek to play in the league.  Good coaching goes a long way in attracting talent and developing it.

With all that said, I understand how fans of UM football (myself included) expect better recruiting results.  Last year was kind of a "WTF?" moment.  Michigan reduced to gathering up a bevy of 3 stars?  Unthinkable with Harbaugh at the helm.  We want to recruit at the OSU level, or at least within shouting distance of Meyer and his crew.  An we don't want a kid from our backyard going to WI, especially if its a position of need.  Perhaps the biggest issue now regarding recruiting is the uncertainty regarding the direction or trend of this program.  Winning begets good recruiting classes.  At a time when the luster of the Harbaugh hire had worn off, and when followers naively expected 10+ win seasons to be the norm, 8-5 happened.  A lousy bowl game showing happened.  Some high recruit defections happened.  Shit happened.

This season could right the recruiting ship.  We are set up for a helluva season.  A tough schedule.  If it turns out the way we all hope (not what the oddsmakers are predicting) it will be a terrific platform for recruiting.  But we have to win some games we are not expected to win.  We have to beat some really good teams at their house.  I see this season as a real turning point.