Michigan Recruiting Kalen Ballage Again

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Webblog: U-M Makes Revealing Stop in Colorado to see 2014 RB/ATH Kalen Ballage - http://t.co/cq2P45U1B0

— Sam Webb (@SamWebb77) October 23, 2013

Rumors swirling that Michigan is now back in it for Kalen. Michigan might have space for 3 or 4 guys in the class now. I've heard rumors about two players on offense possibly transferring. I've also heard a rumor that one player has a possible career ending injury, but he's getting a second opinion on it. I'll leave it at that, but looks like Michigan could be going after Hand, McDowell, and Ballage. 



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I was probably in middle school or so when Walton retired, so I wasn't really not familiar with his stuation.  After your post I did a quick Google search and found this article, which talks about how Walton fractured his foot and instead of obtaining proper medical care he took a bunch of painkillers and played through it.  That's pretty wild.  Then he apparently broke his other foot riding a stationary bike!?


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The lisfranc injury is considered so threatening to a player's career it's seldom mentioned in the press without the word "dreaded" in front of it.  A couple of links:


Decent medical description here:



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and I won't be shocked to see a couple of defense side (DB) transfers. There are some talented guys just not get playing time for various reasons but they can definitely see the field once they move to the likes of MAC schools, etc.


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I never root for a player to transfer or leave the team for any reason unless they commit some terrible atrocity. But if I were to say that player x who hasn't redshirted and would have two years of eligibility left and also happens to live far from Michigan might transfer, what's wrong with that?

Also, what happened to the days where there was some real insider info on the MGoBoard and we might have a heads up about a transfer before it happened?

I just don't see the hard as long as we are respectful and not hoping that players leave to free up a scholarship.

For example, if someone said, "Norfleet has two years of eligiblity left even after a redshirt and if he values playing time over graduating at Michigan I wouldn't be surprised if he left," I don't see what's so bad about. Then we could have a discusson about how sad that would be if Norfleet never found a place in our offense and what that would mean for our offense going forward and so on and so on.

Mr Miggle

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is very much in the eye of the beholder. It's inherently disrespectful to suggest kids may want to transfer because they're aren't going to play here. If a kid is doing his best fighting for playing time, you're basically suggesting he should just give up and go away. I don't believe there is a respectful way of saying that regardless of your intentions. At least not for those of us who don't see the kids in practice and in the weight room. 


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Okay, so BiSB wanted to tell everyone on the board not to speculate about player transfers.  But he didn't want to come across as though he was a self-styled authority figure laying down the law for the hoi polloi.  Now, he could have written a meek post politely asking other board members to refrain from such comments, but that probably would have been ineffective.  Instead he hyperbolized the speaker-to-audience relationship for mild humorous effect.  This both made his words more forceful and simltaneously took the edge off of them so the words were better received (by those with any semblance of a sense of humor).

That's my take anyway.


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If transfers were to happen...you would have to think RB and DB are options and I know some don't want to hear it but OL might have 1 or 2 guys who are buried who might take off as well.

Hopefully these kids stick it out and continue to be Wolverines, but some just want some PT and if they can't pass the guys in front of them then going MAC or D2 might be the easiest way.


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I hope it is not a career ending injury. Sure there are injured players who would have a larger negative impact if they are unable to return to the field but it is unfair to wish it be one over any other. I hope they are all able to recover fully.

Perkis-Size Me

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Well you never like to lose anyone off your roster, whether it's just natural attrition like this, career-ending injuries, or anything like that. But I certainly can't blame a kid that leaves because he wants to play and he's just not getting to.