michigan recruiting class now at #10(at scout)

Submitted by BlueCheez on January 17th, 2010 at 4:52 PM

For all the complaining about our recruiting and rr, 2 stars recruits(williamson,vinopal initially), well scout now has us at #10 overall. Only 2-3 schools have a chance to leapfrog us so at worst we end up #13. Not terrible i guess considering. Also ,i know rr said today he thinks we'll take 26 but we have room for 3 so we could jump up to say #8,#9(?) depending on who we land in the next 2 1/2 weeks.



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National Signing Day is more than two weeks away. We could definitely end up somewhat higher or significantly lower (both in terms of rankings and general non-star-based awesomeness). Remember, other than EEs, no one (neither our commits nor those of other schools) is set in stone.

It all depends on the eternal tag-team Battle Royale between the team of Snake Oil/"Our Helmets' Got Wings" and the tandem of Angry Michigan Recruiting Class Hating God/Damn Indecisive Teenagers.


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We need to land Parker, Baxter, or another highly rated player like Rashad Knight. I know he's smallish, but so is Bob Sanders. Give me kids with speed, smarts, strength, and athleticism.

We'll finish well, and be better for it this year. We'll be starting some freshmen again this year, but it probably won't be at QB, so I'm fine with that. What's more, I think every player who sees substantial playing time will be, get this, on scholarship. That will definitely make a difference.

Go Blue!!


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i would say that we would have needed a safety that is about 15' tall to make up for all of the "being out of position" and missing tackles.

all of those tight ends wandering around the field in iowa and wisconsin only needed to be taller than the grass to make td catches.

West Texas Blue

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And UM is ranked #19 on Rivals and may finish outside of top 25 if we don't land any other top prospects. The 2010 class is good, but not great. Fills holes in key positions (most notably QB and DBs), but lacks alot of immediate impact guys.


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I remember several years ago Illinois had a top ten recruiting class, two years later they were at the rose bowl, granted they got whopped. Point is this will be our SECOND top ten class, the future is looking brighter and brighter. I also believe that RR had seen what is needed to win in the Big Ten, and is getting us their in his recruiting.


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I really detest the assumption that RR "didn't know what it takes to win in the Big Ten." RR already knew what it takes to win in the Big Ten. That is why he has said that he didn't realize how much work he had to do at UM until he realized what he had to work with when he got to A2.

He is building the roster back to an elite level; the dividends should begin to translate to the field soon, possibly this year. And maybe some "fans" should try to understand that RR's southern accent doesn't automatically make him Jethro Bodine.


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The overwhelming majority of college football teams would love to land classes like this one. It's a good class, it addresses needs, it's got a couple of marquee pieces and it will help your depth.


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It takes the advantage of having a 25 person class as opposed to a 17 person class. Doing this, Scout's ranking of Michigan matches up pretty well with Rivals.


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I wish we had a four or five star MLB-type player coming in, and yeah... a stud RB like Baxter would be nice.

But what else is there to complain about this class? It's not great when you look at the star average - but we've won 8 games combined the last two years and have tons of kids coming in to fill positions of need (CB, S, and possibly - QB). So I'll take that any day of the motherfucking week.


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depth and has some great players that could make an early impact. I see Robinson and Chistian getting some playing time on the defense and I'm sure some other guys will be contributing in the fall.


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Regardless of the rankings (both collectively and with respect to each individual player), this is the most excited I've been for a recruiting class in awhile. I think that there are some really good players in this class who will make an impact right away, as well as some sleepers who will pay dividends in a few years.


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In another thread, someone pointed out the coaching staff's confidence in the quality of next year's OL crop. I'm assuming the undertone there is that they are confident they can land a lot of them.

At LB, Michigan is in good shape with Trey Depriest, a marquee MLB. There's an OLB from Butler High School in Charlotte who is already raving about Michigan.

Those are two of the three big "needs" for next year. Improve your standing with some front four guys on defense and you'll have three classes in a row that have replenished the reservoir, so to speak.

Start winning some games and people will be talking about how Michigan is back and how it's a return to glory. You already play an exciting brand of football. You've got name recognition out the wazoo.

You climb back up the ladder one rung at a time and these last two classes are both good steps.