Michigan recruit JT Compher drafted 35th overall

Submitted by LIhockey24 on June 30th, 2013 at 6:38 PM
JT Compher, a native of Northbrook, IL and incoming recruit has been drafted by the Buffalo Sabres 35th overall. Congratulations to JT and his family !



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No, he will take atleast a season, probably more to season at Michigan before he is ready for the pros. Really excited for what he can bring to the table, easily one of the top 3 incoming college recruits along with fellow incoming recruit Michael Downing being top 5 also expected to be picked in the 2nd round. Highly touted incoming class, even by Michigan's standards.


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Where do you get that idea from?  Buffalo has very few NCAA players to begin with, and those that they do have have not left super early (sure, Stafford left after 3 and Vanek left after 2, but that's not that early, especially given what Vanek accomplished).


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Compher's grandad played basketball for Michigan and there's never been a hint of wavering on his part. I'd bet we get 3 years minimum unless he is just obliterating people, which I would be ok with


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I really wish football and basketball had their drafts set up the same way. I feel like it would save a lot of Donovan Warrens and Adrian Arringtons from making a mistake.

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The good thing about not getting drafted as an incoming freshman, is that it gives you an incentive to have an even better year in college than you planned. Pushing yourself the extra mile. Andrew Copp is a prime example.

Late pickup, a star QB at Skyline HS. Key player as a freshman. 

And is anyone else noticing the Jets trying to make Michigan their pipeline? They drafted Serville in 2011, Trouba in 2012 and Copp in 2013.


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Player Rd Pick Overall Team
JT Compher 2 5 35 BUF
Michael Downing 4 6 97 FLA
Andrew Copp 4 13 104 WPG
Tyler Motte 4 30 121 CHI
Nolan De Jong 7 16 197 MIN
Alex Kile Undrafted      
Evan Allen Undrafted      

I'm really surprised Downing dropped so far as he was mentioned as a potential late 1st rounder at one time. At the same time, I'm pretty surprised Copp went so high. Apparently an NHL also strongly agrees that we found a diamond in the rough. To think that he was the last guy / flier of his class