Michigan is the problem at Michigan

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I'd say this game pretty much sets that in stone. 

Clean house before the next coaching search happens. 

Is it bad that enjoyed seeing Rich win this more than anything our team has done this year? 



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Someone said this on the game thread and got downvoted but its entirely true. 

If  RR had never been at UM he would now be the #1 target for UM's fanbase for 2015 - a MANBALL fucking spread offense combined with a PHYSICAL defense that punched Oregon's teeth in better than MSU did.  Goes on the road with a FRESHMAN QB and beats #2?  Are you kidding me.



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Congrats Rich Rod.

I am now convinced Michigan will never get better.  Nothing that our team has done this season has made me feel as bad as seeing that Arizona victory.


Kilgore Trout

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Give me a break. Hot takes everywhere... Rodriguez didn't get the job done at michigan so he got fired. All of this whining about the university and tradition is ridiculous. As the head coach you are paid to be responsible for all of it. Good luck to him, but he failed at Michigan and anyone who thinks it was about to get better is nuts.


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We wouldn't get Casteel for an IMPROVING richrod but we'd hire some mouth breathing airhead and pay for any coordinator he wanted no matter the cost, and we'd pay him more to sit around and clap like a child. 



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... And that he never offered Harbs or Miles...

1. Brandon wanted a HC he could monitor

2. Brandon wanted such HC because, He, Brandon, was of the belief that he was smarter than most HCs and could provide valuable insights and strategies and now is his chance

3. He tells Hoke "Don't worry, we'll get you bullet-proof OC/DC, if anything happens we fire them, keep you, get a new Coordinator.

4. Profit (Literally, as Dave sucks every penny he can find from every wallet within the continental US)

5. Losses? "Frankly, I haven't had the time to consider this as I have been doing, frankly, more important things"


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I actually think that Michigan made Rich Rod a better coach bc the offense he is running now isn't exactly what he tried to run at Michigan. He is adapting to his personnel better and using QBs that can run but are good throwers. If u watched that game they didn't run QB sweeps or powers as a main play. They did some QB runs but they did most of the running with RBs and passed. It's still a spread but not as QB run heavy as he made it here or at wvu. If he came to Michigan now I don't think we would have seen him try to force Threet and Sheridan to run every other play.

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he adjust to his personnel. At Tulane, they pretty much air it out with Shaun King at QB.  At Clemson, he did both passing and running with Woody Dantzler.  At WVU, he ran the ball a ton with Pat White who can't throw the ball and has a electric RB in Slaton as well.

Threet and Sherdian were not good QBs yet RR threw the ball more in his 1st year. With Tate Forcier, his offense was more balanced but leaned towards zone read. Finally, with Denard, they ran the ball a ton bc Denard isn't a good passer.


October 3rd, 2014 at 2:24 AM ^

I know he did change coming in bc that's how we thought he could use Mallett if he stayed but maybe it seems more obvious now. Threet and Sheridan were bad but he should have never had them try to run the zone read as much as they did. I honestly liked the offense under Tate more than I ever did with denard. I think part of it was he never really got the right QB here to have the balance that u need in the big ten who could stay eligible but yet at Zona apparently every QB he finds is perfect.

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Pryor barely considered WVU as an interest. He was fully engaged with OSU from the beginning. He only showed serious interest when RR took the job at UM. I'm not sure if it was the known lack of players on the roster at UM or if he was just playing RR. I have doubts he ever intended to go anywhere but OSU. Mostly, we lucked out, he was a problem child. 


October 3rd, 2014 at 7:37 PM ^

RR always adapted to what he had. At Tulane he had Shaun King as QB:

  • 1997: 199/363 (54.8%) for 2577 yards and 24 TD vs. 14 INT. 124 carries for 511 yards and 5 TD.
  • 1998: 244/364 (67.0%) for 3495 yards and 38 TD vs. 6 INT. 156 carries for 633 yards and 11 TD.

At WV he had Pat White and used his skill sets. RR didn't "learn" anything at Michigan except stay away from dysfunctional institutions.




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You guys are hilarious.  Last year AZ beat Oregon and limped to a 4-5 conference record. This win over Oregon brings his conference record at Arizona to 10-10. Now I know that's better than 6-18, but maybe let's at least wait until he goes above .500 until we talk about what a giant mistake we made.  This is what Rich Rod does.  Hot start, beats a good team, then total implosion.

But sure, go ahead and continue thinking that having Ray Vinopal as Michigan's starting safety was somehow the fault of our institution and not the coach who put him on the field.


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What? We fired him after 3 years which is virtually unheard of......he had no upperclassmen......Denard was a SO setting offensive records.....the team he left behind won 11 games after the AD doubled the salary for the DC.....I could go on and on.

Are you seriously saying there isn't any circumstance that would make you think we should have kept him?


October 3rd, 2014 at 2:44 AM ^

We fired him after 3 years because the team was a diaster. The defense was historically bad, the offense couldn't do anything against decent teams, his recruiting was falling apart as was his image, and the program was in the worst shape it had been in for decades.

The team won 11 games when he left because unlike anyone on RR's staff when he was here, Greg Mattison is actually a capable defensive coach.


October 3rd, 2014 at 2:47 AM ^

I had to read this twice before I knew which UM coach you were referring to with... 

The defense was historically bad, the offense couldn't do anything against decent teams, his recruiting was falling apart as was his image, and the program was in the worst shape it had been in for decades


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Interesting.....because maybe if Brandon had given him a budget similar to Mattison, he could have had a competent DC. But Brandon said no, so we got GERG'd. And then DB fired RRod and doubled the salary for the DC position. DOUBLED.

You think that might have had something to do with us getting great coaching all of a sudden?

His recruiting was fine....he had 3 5* players committed and pulled in a couple the year before.

Kilgore Trout

October 3rd, 2014 at 7:11 AM ^

Bill Martin was the AD when Rodriguez and Gerg were hired. Brandon said immediately that they needed to pay salaries on the same level as other big time schools and he backed that up.

Look back at some of Magnus' posts about the attrition and tell me that his recruiting was fine. Give me a break, you have to actually keep someone on campus long enough to play to really get credit for recruiting them.