Michigan Pro Day Thursday

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Just a reminder that Michigan's Pro Day is this Thursday at Schembechler Hall [no media or public access]. Kyle Meinke takes the Kevin Koger angle in this A2.com article exploring the tight end's added motivation born of his combine snub. Koger's self-reported Barwis Methods training session results: same weight, more explosive, better sprinting technique.

The QB for the session will be Bruce Gradkowski.

Koger and the rest of the tight ends and receivers will catch passes from former Toledo quarterback Bruce Gradkowski, who played last year for the Cincinnati Bengals. Gradkowski is represented by Priority Sports, the same agency that represents Koger, Martin and Molk. Gradkowski had a throwing session last week with Koger in Toledo, and they met up again this week to fine tune their timing.

I'm sure it can't hurt to have an NFL veteran throwing to Michigan's pass catchers.

[Cue Browns and Bengals fans' snark about Gradkowski's skills.... now.]

Here's the full list of Wolverines participating in Thursday's Pro Day. Best of luck to them all.

CB Tony Anderson
LB Marrell Evans
WR Kelvin Grady
WR Junior Hemingway
LB Brandon Herron
OL Mark Huyge
TE Kevin Koger
DT Mike Martin
C David Molk
WR Martavious Odoms
LS Tom Pomarico
TB Michael Shaw
DL Ryan Van Bergen
TE Steve Watson
CB Troy Woolfolk



March 13th, 2012 at 11:24 AM ^

Don't know about them having jobs (although above comment indicates tbat Will does), but I know that Fitzgerald and Will both took their studies more seriously than others. A friend who had a couple classes with J.B. told me he focused heavily on his studies and was not concerned with the NFL as much. Hopefully if he does not have a job yet, he will be able to land one soon.


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Not everyone participating in the pro day will be drafted. And that's OK. A bunch of former wolverines are doing just fine despite not getting a sniff in the NFL. If you follow Banks or James Rodgers on Twitter they both are currently arena league players. I believe Sagasse is playing in the CFL. Plenty of guys are (or were) on NFL practice squads. While that's never the goal for high schoolers, all the players above got world-class educations. If they decide to play football for a little while longer before heading into a career more power to them. Lots of people take a year off and travel or do something before becoming "adults", I know if I had the chance to get paid a little for playing sports for a year or two before starting a career I would have. Best of luck to all of them!