Michigan playing Florida in the Peach Bowl

Submitted by Gentleman Squirrels on December 2nd, 2018 at 3:12 PM

Again... Not an exciting matchup but let's beat the the Gators. Go Blue!



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I'd bet good $$$ that Greg Sankey was lobbying behind the scenes to prevent a "Florida vs UCF" match-up.

Earlier this decade, the Liberty Bowl was C-USA vs. (low-tier) SEC and the SEC mandated rules that specifically prohibited a match-up between schools from the same state (e.g., something like Southern Miss vs. Ole Miss or MTSU vs. Tennessee).

The SEC has their "reputation" to protect, after all.  If UCF beats LSU, the SEC homers can write it off (for a 2nd consecutive year, of course) of "well, this was UCF's Super Bowl and LSU wasn't up for the game."  If it was Florida, that spinning would be harder to do.

The Fan in Fargo

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I'd bet that good $$$ too that there was a conflict about the Fiesta Bowl. Those fucking chicken shit SEC bitches. Couldn't let big bad LSU play the second best team on a neutral field. I'm just sitting here laughing. Why cant big bad Georgia play the number 7 team? They are number 5 and played Bama tough. The bucs are going to Pasadena so they are out of that picture but I just cant believe how this all shakes out. Georgia gets to play Texas who is out of the top 10. What kind of shit is this? I mean yeah Texas will draw a crowd in New Orleans and it has the tradition of the sec and big12 but how many times has it not had those two conferences in that game? This is just sad. Michigan as the 7th ranked team should have a spot in at least the Fiesta. This is why people hate college football. It's all to protect the reputations down south. We need to expand this playoff get the B1G into the playoffs. The buckeyes on their best game can beat any SEC team. Michigan would handle LSU on a neutral field. No question. This is a sad day.

Rose Bowl

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Agree 100%.  The bright side is that Michigan can play in front of recruits in GA.  It's a fun city with stuff to do, although I prefer Pasadena and SoCal.

Downside is we should be in the Fiesta at least.  The Peach is not prestigious no matter what anyone says, and playing Florida again?  

Anyway, support the team and get a win.


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I don't follow your logic there?

We're not in the Alamo or Music City or whatever, we're in a NY6 Bowl. It has been both apparent it'd be the Peach & incredibly unclear WHY pretty much since the osu game (unless osu had made the CFP).

UCF wanted to play Florida, while Michigan (fans/boosters/ticket buyers/TV viewers) did NOT!

And YET...🤷‍♂️

How did the bowl prognosticators KNOW which team would go to which bowl, and why do the wishes of a school's base matter not a bit?!

Because we lost to osu? Does the Fiesta have to take UCF? 


December 2nd, 2018 at 8:39 PM ^

First UCF cannot play in the Peach bowl this year no matter how much you say anyone wanted them to play UF as they played in it last year. Texas and Georgia are tied into the Sugar Bowl so that leaves the Fiesta for UCF. Second the playoff committee decides what non tie in at large schools play in which non play off selection bowl. No your personal feelings are not taken into account. Third the team had their chance at controlling which bowl they were going to play in. Yes losing to Ohio State forfeited that control. Fourth deal with it.


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Anonymous Michigan Wolverines Fan:  Hey, what’s this lying around and complaining about playing Florida in the Peach Bowl shit?

MGoBlogger 1: What the hell are we supposed to do, you moron?

MGoBlogger 2: The season’s over, man. The Playoff Committee dropped us into the Peach Bowl in Atlanta at noon on December 29 against the Florida Gators who are out for revenge, playing close to home and they are probably gonna destroy us.

Anonymous Michigan Wolverines Fan:  What? Over? Are you saying that the Michigan Wolverines football season’s over? . . . Nothing is over until the Michigan players and coaches decide it is!  . . . Was it over when ISIS brought down the Alamo?  Hell no!

MGoBlogger 2: ISIS?

MGoBlogger 1: Forget it, he’s rolling. . . . He still thinks that members of ISIS might've been in that caravan.

Anonymous Michigan Wolverines Fan: The season ain’t over now, ‘cause when the going gets tough . . . the tough get going!  . . . Who’s with me?  Let’s go! Come on! Aye, aye, aye, aye. . . . (exiting MGoBlog Board)

Anonymous Michigan Wolverines Fan (returning to the MGoBlog Board): What the fu$k happened to MGoBloggers I used to know?  Where’s the spirit? Where’s the guts, huh? . . . This could be the greatest game of our lives, but you’re gonna let it be the worst.

Anonymous Michigan Wolverines Fan (imitating MGoBloggers whining): Oh, we’re afraid to even watch the game with you.  We wanted a better game to play in and to play a team other than Florida.

Anonymous Michigan Wolverines Fan: Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I’m not gonna take this! . . . The Playoff Committee?  They’re dead!  Dan Mullen? Dead! Feleipe Franks . . . ?

MGoBlogger 2: Dead!

    * * *

Anonymous Michigan Wolverines Fan: Let’s watch it!


Michigan Philosophy

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I'm sorry you think you're funny when no one else does. Must be hard being so salty all the time. Michigan football had a good year with a disappointing end. It is pretty much the same way all of our seasons have ended the last 20 yrs. Why do you have to cope by picking on a fellow fan? Is he a crazy super fan? Well duh, that is why he's fun. What is your hobby? Making multiple accounts on a website message board to troll? It is equally kooky. Hopefully you can understand that from your high horse.


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Also, according to ESPN Florida killed us in the 2016 Citrus Bowl, 41-7. What a joke.