Michigan To Play Notre Dame In UTL Game - Honoring Tom Harmon

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Dave Brandon @DaveBrandonAD
It will be an exciting night at The Big House again! @umichfootball will play ND in prime time and honor Tom Harmon as U-M Legend!


Edit: More information can be found here.

ANN ARBOR, Mich.-- The University of Michigan football team will face Notre Dame in a nationally televised primetime game at Michigan Stadium in 2013, it was announced Tuesday (Dec. 11) in a joint announcement with ESPN. The athletic department will honor 1940 Heisman Trophy winner Tom Harmon, installing him as a Michigan Football Legend during a pre-game ceremony.

The actual game time and ABC/ESPN platform for the Sept. 7 contest will be announced at a later date. This will be the third consecutive night game played between the winningest programs in college football history.



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The Game will be great, but I'd prefer that Ol' 98 remain retired.  I think Harmon's achievements deserve to be recognized at a plane higher than the others.  We can live without using one of the 99 numbers.


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Last ND night game was a huge success. I'm not a fan of 3:00 starts for other games especially weaker Big10 and directional school rivalries - but once a year let the day long tail gating commence!

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Go look up some of his highlights. He did everything. Passed, rushed, caught passes, played defense, kicked, punted, returned kick & punts. Tom Harmon was THE football player. He should have won two Heismans. He nearly did, finishing 2nd behind iowa's kinnick in 1939. Tom deserved the 1939 one but kinnick was a great player too.


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To eliminate us losing this game like the game in September, if we just take a knee when we are in the redzone on 1st, 2nd and 3rd down and kick a FG on 4th, we should win 18-7.



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I'm just guessing on this, but will all of the 2013 UTL Tribute jerseys have a big tear taken out of the chest?

Alternate unis with the right sleeve torn off:


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Would be great to see Quentin Washington get it.  Fifth-year Senior, great story of perseverence, looks to be the best d-lineman on the team next year.

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It is unusual that there is no mention of the Harmon family's involvement?  I can't remember the press releases for the Wistert #11 or the Oosterbaan #47, or the Ford #48 or the Kramer #87.  Were the families mentioned?  Certainly, the families were all involved in the ceremonies, without exception.  Desmond was there in 2011 for #21.  It will be a little weird and sad if Mark Harmon is not there.  Anybody know if that "consent" has been successfully negotiated?