Michigan to play Nebraska at 3:30pm....

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Per @umichfootball on twitter.

This is the first later game at Michigan Stadium since Minnesota in 1988 per WolverineHistorian. 

It was dark at kickoff. That is why Bo said there wouldn't be any later games at Michigan in November.




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until the TV Gods think it wise to divulge.  I have to buy tickets for something the NW game Saturday before they're gone, and have to gamble on matinee or evening.  Will probably miss it either way, but the other event involves a dear friend and has clear priority.

At least I don't have to get a last-minute hotel room, as did many going the UConn game and not knowing it would be at night.

I Have A Gnarly Face

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Me, too. Now when it comes to road games, I prefer those to be noon since the home field advantage seems to get tougher as the day progresses, but 3:30 for M home games are great. Another reason I like them at 3:30 is because once M is done, it's almost time for the night slate, which is usually the best of the slates.


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Hoke's record by time (Eastern time):

Noon: 10-3

1:00: 0-1 (Outback Bowl)

3:30: 9-0

4:00: 1-0 (2012 Purdue

5:00: 0-1 (2013 Penn State)

7:30: 0-1 (2012 Notre Dame)

8:00: 3-2

8:30: 1-0 (Sugar Bowl)


Hoke's record by "time of day":

Early afternoon: 10-4

Late afternoon: 10-1

Night game: 4-3







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Minny game.  We had the temporary boom type lights up for that game.  It was pretty rainy that game as well.  All I remember was a lot of drinking (snuck in a couple of pints), marshmellow throwing at the Minny tuba player at the end of the game, and that we won.  The stadium was as empty as I ever remember seeing it at the end of that game....Winning comfortably late, crappy weather, dark = see ya, I am out of here....


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OP, can you clarify what you mean by "later game"? I'm assuming you mean afternoon (3:30) start.

Also, did you mean to say "in November" in the first part of your post? It's kind of implied, but out of context "This is the first later game at Michigan Stadium since Minnesota in 1988" is clearly false.


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in a suite i work in the suites as a server, so i am at the stadium 6 hours before kickoff and i am there for at least 2 hours after the game has ended... but i could be there longer depending on how quicking the suite holders get out of their suites, they can stay for up to an hour after the game has ended...


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as for the tipping part, some do and some don't... luckily for me all 4 of my suites the owners of the companies or the main rep is always there so they aren't as tight with the tips as some. one of my suites tips me 10% every time but other 3 make up for it. now there are some suites where it's a different group of people in there every week and they are sometimes afraid of spending too much on the company credit card that we have on file for them. for UTL2 one of the suites had a $1500 food bill and tipped their server $0...


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According to a few time and date sites, the sunset for November 9th will be 5:16 PM EST, so much of the second half will probably be a "night game". I personally don't mind that or the start time. 


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That was the game where they had fans do the tifo thing for Lloyd Carr, IIRC.  It was a pretty typical home crowd.

Nebraska did take over Notre Dame Stadium awhile back, but not here.


M Fanfare

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It wasn't bad. The only issue is that red sticks out a lot more than does blue, which is what most peoples' cold weather Michigan gear is. Plus Nebraska fans had the novelty of their school's first visit to Ann Arbor since the early 1960s.

This year, there's no novelty, we spanked them in 2011, and the fans are getting ready to oust their coach. My guess is that there will be a reduction in the number of usually well-traveled Husker fans in Michigan Stadium.

Bando Calrissian

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25 years later, what Bo said after the '88 Minnesota game means just about nothing. Bottom line is the AD wants students in the seats, and it's a better marquee game for the TV networks at 3:30 than noon. They'll turn on the lights and that'll be that.