Michigan to play Florida (neutral site), UCF, Air Force, SMU, home and home with UCLA

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Apparently this was a leaked document. Not the first schedule leak yesterday. http://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/2018-2019-michigan-conference-schedule-rele…

EDIT: UCLA series is official. Florida game will probably be the Chick Fil A game in Atlanta.


EDIT #2: Didn't see the MGoBlog poster said that the Ball State game in 2016 will be moved to 2018. The week 2 bye that is currently in place will be moved to week 4 and week 2 Michigan will face UCF at home. 


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Whoa this is huge. 2017 may be the best schedule ever assembled. 20 year anniversary of 1997 too.

Home&home with UCLA in 2022-2023. That's insane they're going that far into the future scheduling. I'll be an old fart by then. I'll be 27/28...


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Mike Gillette was wide right by about a foot on a 49 yard FG try at the end of the game. 19-17 bad guys.  The next week, at home we were up 30-14 and had the ball on the Miami 40 before we watched Miami come storming back, including a recovered onsides kick, to edge us 31-30.

In 1994, we scheduled Top 25ish Boston College and Top 10s Notre Dame and Colorado.

I don't think we will ever see schedules like those again.


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The Academy Athletic Department is run like any other Athletic department as a mostly self funding entity with some support from the school.  So the payday goes to the Athletic Department.  Given that all cadets are there as cadets first(not really true I know but think in terms of institutional definitions and not real life) the athletic dpeartment does not have to fund the cost of their scholarships which helps with it's cost structure at least nominally.


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Florida needs to drag their asses up here to the Midwest, case closed.  It'll be September and beautiful, there's no excuse.  Pussycats.  We would obviously travel down to Gainsville as well, which, duh.


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I'm glad to see us getting home-and-homes even if it's with middle road BCS teams (sorry UCLA, VT, and Arkansas). Better than Southwest Kentucky Lutheran


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I was going to type the exact same thing.  To take it a step further a lot of programs probably are antsy to schedule Michigan (and Notre Dame) right now as they are seen as programs with a lot of name recognition that you get more benefit by beating than is really deserved based on the quality of the respective teams.  i.e. "we can get a big name program in here, that is relatively average, and still get the big boost in rankings by beating them versus say a OSU or Bama or LSU." 

Just the reality of the state of the program right now - I hope by the time we get to this game it's a different situation but for most of the past 20 years that has been the case.


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That is what they are saying about Michigan on the UCLA boards as well...  #glasshouses

edit: oh you said "name recognition"...well I guess we still have that to fall back on.  Growing up in the 80s UCLA was actually a quite prestigious program, right up there with USC challenging for the Pac 10 often.  Have fallen on some hard times so I assume people in their 20s or younger have a different view of them.