Michigan to Play Another Night Game in 2015

Submitted by Moe on April 21st, 2015 at 5:17 PM

Take a stab at what conference road game will be at night now.  If you guessed Minnesota, you are correct!  Link

From the article:


The Golden Gophers will play four prime-time football games in 2015, including two at the University of Minnesota's TCF Bank Stadium. ESPN will broadcast the Sept. 3 season opener against Texas Christian University in Minneapolis, Athletic Director Norwood Teague said Tuesday following a speech at an Association for Corporate Growth luncheon. ESPN or ABC will also broadcast the Oct. 31 game against Michigan at TCF Bank Stadium, as well as the Nov. 7 game at Ohio State.



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That was my first thought, too.  I was at the late afternoon game in the Big House in 1986 where Minnesota upset Harbaugh in the cold.  It sucked.  I will never get it out of my memory.  Minnesota must think the cold will give them an edge this year, too.

But it won't...


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Ugh, that game.  It was my last home game as a student (finishing law school that year).  Watching us lose the jug was seared into my brain.

I had forgotten that Harbaugh was still on the team that year.


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Not only that, but it makes life a little interesting for those of us with kids who will undoubtedly want to have a nice, leisurely Halloween since it is on Saturday as opposed to the hurried ones we seem to have when it is a school night. Well, most communities shut it down before 8 PM, but it makes pregaming a pain. Even at that, I will likely have to be in a place where I have access to the first quarter or so somehow, I suppose, or can at least get decent service and use BTN2Go. 


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I was guessing Utah, MD, Minny, and PSU a week or so ago. Minny on Halloween for the Little Brown Jug. If we add BYU or MSU, that will be 5 night games.


"This is why there is some doubt as to whether or not Michigan will host a night game this year." Rivals mods are hearing from the Michigan administration that MSU is being ruled out and most likely no night game at all was the indication. Leaving just Oregon St, BYU, UNLV, NW, and Rutgers. The AD has also ruled out Oregon St.

Edit: Michigan interim athletic director Jim Hackett said earlier this winter that he expected to have a home night football game next season, but when asked recently if there was a chance the team won't have a night game on this year's schedule, Hackett opted against giving a firm answer.



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night games a team can appear in each season?  Every away game could become a night game for us, which I wouldn't think would be to our advantage.


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Interesting that ESPN is picking up the Minnesota/TCU game on September 3rd.  I'm guessing that Michigan vs. Utah will be relegated to Fox Sports 1?


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I love prime time night games. I'm not a fan of noon games, hopefully we have a nice mix of night games, 3:30 starts, and a couple noon starts.