Michigan to Outback Bowl

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EDIT: It's official. Michigan to Outback Bowl where will play South Carolina



Adam Rittenberg reporting Nebraska to Capital One Bowl and Michigan likely to Outback Bowl.

Rittenberg/Bennett @ESPN_BigTen

Cap One pick basically done: Georgia-Nebraska. Expect Michigan to Outback and Northwestern to Gator. B1G avoids Johnny Football

Hearing the Big Ten, SEC leadership didn't want Nebraska and Georgia to fall too far after league title game losses.

RT @Mark_Schlabach: Now I'm hearing #UGA to Cap One vs #Nebraska; #LSU to Cotton; SC to Outback and A&M to Chick-fil-A & Miss St to Gator

Stewart Mandel @slmandel

It's official: Nebraska to play in Capital One Bowl

RT @TeddyGreenstein: Source confirms: #Northwestern to the Gator Bowl. Opponent TBA.


snarling wolverine

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But even so, it's just not that easy to plan a roadtrip on such short notice, whether it's one week or three.  The bowls work (well, sort of) because they are around Christmas/New Year's, when a lot of people can get time off, and mostly in traditional vacation spots.  Getting time off to go to Indianapolis one week after Thanksgiving is probably tough for a lot of people - not to mention less enticing.



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I doubt it. In Nebraska, football is the only break thing between tilling the fields. I'm kidding, but I'm still a little serious. They are gracious fans: I expect they may be discouraged by last night, but will not abandon their team. And they'll do anything to get out of Nebraska for a few days.


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Man if that's true we could really see if Lewan is as ready as we think for the pros. If he can come out and have a great game against the best DE in the country Clowney that could make his draft stock soar sky high.A very interesting matchup to say the least.


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Kind of rediculous that Cap One is going with Nebraska if you take last night into consideration.

I know why they're doing it over NW but still their fans may not travel as well after the beatdown administered by Wisco.

That said I hope they somehow beat Georgie or whoever.

Leaders And Best

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From Nebraska's point of view, what happened last night shouldn't have too much bearing on their bowl selection other than they didn't make the Rose Bowl. Nebraska beat Michigan and Northwestern, and it is hard to build a case for them slipping past the Capital One Bowl based on the results on the field.

If Michigan were in their position, I would be pissed if that happened to us. The loss last night does not invalidate the rest of their regular season.


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Yikes. SC is not a good matchup for Michigan. That Defensive front is as good as it gets and Michigan O-line is one of Michigan's weakest units. The long-developing routes that Roundtree and Gallon excel in wont be there with the kind of pass rush SC has. And, more importantly, this will be the most athletic defense that Denard has faced in his career. The edge won't be there--Denard will be forced to run inside. Without an inside running game either, Michigan is going to have to develop a short passing game--that's how you beat a defense like this. 3 step drops and short accurate passes. Can Gardner become that kind of QB over the next 4 weeks?


December 2nd, 2012 at 2:46 PM ^

Mississippi State. Way better matchup.

I agree SC won't score much on offense--but if they manhandle the Michigan O-Line...it doesn't much matter because a devastating pass rush causes turnovers and negates a good qb--just ask Murray and his Georgia Bulldogs, this gives SC the edge on the field position battle, which will allow SC to put up points without having to be too efficient on offense to do so.

Ultimately, while both defenses are stout--SC is more dominant at shutting down what Michigan does best on offense (edge running game with Denard and long-developing passing game with Gardner) than Michigan is against what SCdoes best on offense (running between the tackles and play action passing). Hope I'm wrong, though.


December 2nd, 2012 at 3:08 PM ^

Or maybe our offensive line will man-up and block, like they did in the second half against ND's (also very good) defensive front.  Or maybe Norfleet will take one to the house.  Or maybe Denard will get loose a couple times.   Jeez.