Michigan to Outback Bowl

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EDIT: It's official. Michigan to Outback Bowl where will play South Carolina



Adam Rittenberg reporting Nebraska to Capital One Bowl and Michigan likely to Outback Bowl.

Rittenberg/Bennett @ESPN_BigTen

Cap One pick basically done: Georgia-Nebraska. Expect Michigan to Outback and Northwestern to Gator. B1G avoids Johnny Football

Hearing the Big Ten, SEC leadership didn't want Nebraska and Georgia to fall too far after league title game losses.

RT @Mark_Schlabach: Now I'm hearing #UGA to Cap One vs #Nebraska; #LSU to Cotton; SC to Outback and A&M to Chick-fil-A & Miss St to Gator

Stewart Mandel @slmandel

It's official: Nebraska to play in Capital One Bowl

RT @TeddyGreenstein: Source confirms: #Northwestern to the Gator Bowl. Opponent TBA.



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Actually, SC has 2 top Defensive Ends, and MIchigan has 2 good Offensive Tackles. South Carolina gives up huge chunks of yards. Buig rushing yards for one school, big passing yards for another. They run the ball well, we stop the run well. Only thing that worries me is their confusing, almost random pass offense gashing our secondary. Tough to defend both. Guess the plan will be to shut down the run like we do, and Florida and LSU did, and make them force the issue in the air.


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DG at least gets a month worth of more playbook and I'm hoping Borges can figure something positive to do with denard besides rotating QB's all game long.

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Sounds like Big Ten Conference office put pressure on Capital One Bowl to select Nebraska (as they did deserve to be in that game) which led to these observations from Teddy Greenstein of Chicago Tribune. Poor Sparty:

Source: Big Ten applied pressure to Cap One, did not want NEB to fall below it on bowl chain.

B1G and Cap 1 officials will surely deny this, point to NEB's head-to-head win over Cats. But my bowl source says there is no doubt.

Surprising part is that B1G was fine w/letting Sparty fall from Cap 1 last year. Wonder if MSU folk complained.


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We can beat South Carolina.  I have a lot of confidence we can shut them down. 


I'm sure the NFL wants this game to see Clowney vs Lewan too.


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Bring on South Carolina and the ol' Ball Coach.  As he once said, you can't spell "Citrus" without UT.  Well, you also can't spell "suck it Spurrier" without SC.


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I have watched many Gamecock games this year.  There are two things that scare me about this team: Clowney and Ace Sanders.  Clowney is an absolute beast and I feel sorry for Lewan if he is the lucky guy who has to match up against him all game long.  Ace is one of the shiftiest guys I have ever seen.  He regularly takes punts/kickoffs for huge gains if not to the house.  He is also extremely dangerous WR who will threaten to burn J.T. Floyd (former SC resident) deep on every play.

I have mixed feelings about drawing SC. They are a solid but very beatable team.  If the coaches have our guys ready to go with a winning gameplan, we can definitely win a big one for Michigan and the B1G. If not, I'm doomed to hear about it for the next several years...


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I feel sorry for anyone that gets matched up against Clowney all game long.  The kid plays at a different level and has worn down every O-lineman he has matched up with all year, leading to huge defensive plays late in the 4th quarter.  It was a compliment to Clowney's skill, and in no way meant to be a bash on Lewan.  If we play SC, he will have a big task on his hands.  I look forward to seeing him step up to the challenge and make us all proud.


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Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: Michigan State vs. Oklahoma State
Gator Bowl: Northwestern vs. Mississippi State
Heart of Dallas Bowl: Texas Tech vs. Purdue
Outback Bowl: Michigan vs. South Carolina
Capital One Bowl: Nebraska vs. Georgia
Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Stanford


I'd guess the B1G is the underdog in every one of those games.  Hopefully MSU's defense cant shut out OSU's offense enough to win and NW's offense can score enough to stay in it with MSU.  I don't expect much from Purdue, Nebraska, or Wisconsin, but at least Stanford doesn't score a lot.


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I bought my tix 10 minutes ago, lower level sideline section 114 row E. $114.00 each. Excited to see Michigan play again, last game I went to was the Gator bowl, and the cowbell headache that lasted months. Really excited about a possible match up between Michigan and SC. I think we match up well against them, especially without Lattimore. The only games I get to go to are Florida games since I live down here. So no matter who we play I'll be there.


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If we would have beat Ohio, any idea what we would be ranked now? If we were in the top 14, do you think we would have made a BCS bowl?

Not that it does any good to talk about it now, but I'm curious. Thanks.