Michigan opens as 5 point favorites @ Indiana

Submitted by Bigly yuge on October 8th, 2017 at 7:21 PM
Just checked the books and noticed the line for next Saturday’s contest at Indiana has been released. Michigan are currently 5 point road favorites. Will be interesting to see where this line goes as the week rolls on. Thoughts?



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isn't impressive considering he played in a QB friendly system, Air Raid. 3000 should be the norm for Air Raid QBs.

O'Korn was awful at Houston since he threw more INT than TDs and struggled with pocket presence. He hasn't changed at all since his transfer to Michigan.

Poor weather isn't a good excuse since it was in a decent weather at 1st half. His struggles has nothing to do with the weather condition.

Bigly yuge

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RichRod beat IU 36-33 and 42-35.


Hoke beat IU 63-47 and 34-10.


Harbaugh beat them 48-41 and 20-10.


RichRod didn't face them in 2008 otherwise he probably would've lost to them.  He also was up against IU's dark Bill Lynch period.  Hoke only faced them his last two years at Michigan.


Jesus people around here are a fickle bunch.  Get the best coach Michigan can possibly get and at the first signs of anything negative you all abandon ship.  It's pretty embarrassing.


I've said it once and I'll say it a hundred more times: You don't know what your coach will really be for your program until his fourth or fifth years when his first full recruiting cycle goes through.  I felt RichRod should've gotten a fourth year, just as I was willing for Hoke to get a fourth year.

Harbaugh's last two classes have 6 top 100 players in them each.  Hoke did that once in 2013.  

Harbaugh is gonig to be here a lot longer than four years.  And it's going to be a good time.


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It really is embarrassing. Before diarrheaing yourself in the pants, ask yourself which coach would you rather have? What plays would you call in the pouring rain down in the second half with the worst RT in the history of the sport? Should you upgrade to heavy maxi pads?


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If we go back to December 2014, no one was even expecting Jim to win big right away.  Everyone thought it was a multi-year rebuilding job.  If you'd told us that 31 games in, he would have won close to 80% of his games, everyone would have taken that.



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to UM Football in terms of expectation was that 9-0 start in 2016, particulalry when coupled with those mid-season laughers vs Rutgers and Mayland.  It gave every Michigan fan so inclined a chance to go back to being condescending douchebag when winning and a panicked idiot when losing.  2017 was always going to be a transition season.


October 9th, 2017 at 9:01 AM ^

That's a fair point. But for me, one more thing would have been necessary:

That 80% wins would have needed to include a winning record against Staee and at least one win against tosu.

No way in hell I'm giving up on JH. He's still the best coach for this program. But he's not infallible, either. How he addresses the problems on offensive side of the ball, both during the season and after it, will say a lot.



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Well, if not for a one-in-a-million finish in 2015, he'd have a winning record against MSU, and he was literally inches from beating OSU last year.

It's frustrating that those coinflip games went against us but I've got to assume that will eventually even out.