Michigan is the only B1G team without a conference loss

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We're 2-0 in our 3 game make or break stretch so far. We have a bye before the third game at home, plus the obvious road game at OSU.

We've won 7 straight including a ham blasting of Wisconsin and a domination of MSU on the road, both ranked teams.

And some fun OSU numbers: The teams OSU has beaten this year are a collective 19-32. Michigan's wins are 27-23. If you remove the Michigan and OSU games from those numbers, that's 19-25 vs 27-16.

OSU threw the ball 73 times tonight. They had 76 rushing yards.

OSU rushed for 3 YPC. This is the first time all year OSU has rushed for a higher YPC than they did the previous game (they had a stellar 2.9 YPC against Minnesota). 




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And we looked like dog shit, imo, when we had 3 possessions that started about the 50 or even on Sparty side of the field.  We should've got us at least 1 TD.  

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...and the revisionism has begun.

We won by 14 in a rivalry game on the road (beating the spread against the nefarious spread-beater!), but actually the game meant nothing, and thus we looked like dogshit because we didn't win by triple digits while taking a knee all second half.  When will Jim Harbaugh win a big game?????????


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I have higher aspirations than beating Sparty.  I want a National Championship.  We did NOT look like a Nat Champ caliber team.  I thought we looked like dogshit during that stretch.  

I want to play up to the caliber of the talent of the players.  Coaches are not getting everything out of them, imo.  

Frustrating as hell.  


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On a more somber note, when Rutger gave up the lead against Northwestern, the dream died; they're the first team mathematically eliminated from the Big Ten championship.


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Ohio Sts defense has been inexplicably bad this year, starting even before Bosa went out.


I wonder what that writer, and that coach, that kept giving Ohio St that #1 vote thinks tonight? hehe


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Food for thought.  In Big Ten play only:
OSU has played Rutgers, @PSU, Indiana, Minnesota, and @Purdue.  Michigan has played Nebraska, @Northwestern, Maryland, Wisconsin, and @MSU.

OSU is scoring 35.6 points per game.  Michigan is scoring 35.4.
OSU is allowing 23.6 points per game.  Michigan is allowing 13.6 (!).

OSU has passed for 1,961 yards (392.2/gm) on 233 attempts; 8.4 ypa; they've rushed for 666 yards (133.2/gm) on 182 carries: 3.7 ypa (!).  Total: 6.3 yards per play.

Michigan has passed for 1,032 yards (206.4/gm) on 129 attempts; 8.0 ypa; they've rushed for 1,139 yards (227.8/gm) on 228 carries: 5.0 ypa.  Total: 6.1 yards per play.

Meanwhile, on defense:

OSU has allowed 1,269 yards passing (253.8/gm) on 177 attempts; 7.2 ypa; they've allowed 698 yards rushing (139.6/gm) on 158 carries: 4.4 ypa.  Total: 5.9 yards per play

Michigan has allowed 519 yards passing (103.8/gm) on 115 attempts: 4.5 ypa; they've allowed 412 yards rushing (82.4/gm) on 153 carries: 2.7 ypa.  Total: 3.5 yards per play

OSU is getting out-rushed on a per-game and per-carry basis.  There are two big differences between the two teams.  OSU plays at a higher tempo, throwing lots and lots of passes -- and Michigan's defense is worlds better than OSU's.  Against tougher competition.

Wisconsin's 100 yards of passing, including 75 on the sad touchdown drive?

That was the second-highest total by a conference opponent this year.



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So today was pretty much perfect (Fuck OSU). Someone could walk up and shoot me, and I would die smiling. Still don't know what to do with my hands.

That being said, Penn State has scared me more then Wisc and Mich St this year. The bye comes at a perfect week, so that is a big plus. But I can't shake the fear of Trace McSorley's play making. Outside of Jonathan Taylor, he seems like the biggest threat we will seen so far this year.

Anyone else? Or is this just my natural PTSD from the last decade, and I need to just chill and savor the win through the bye?