December 4th, 2010 at 11:54 AM ^

after the game, ("Surprisingly, I thought we played a good game until the last two minutes when we had to play in our own zone and we got ourselves shorthanded. It's a travesty to even give up the tie, let alone the win. That's just poor accountability on our part, but good for them and a good home ice victory. For us to give up the lead late in the game is unacceptable"),  I would expect us to win pretty handily tonight.  Even though his comments don't really seem THAT angry, they're more angry then I've seen in a while, even after some tough losses.  So far, I'm staying somewhat optimistic that the team will catch fire after the GLI and cruise from there to the NC, but if they don't take it to OSU pretty hard tonight, after Red probably gave them a pretty good talking to, that optimism is going to take a definite hit.