Michigan offers Soph CB

Submitted by Chi-Blue on April 30th, 2012 at 6:01 PM

Really quiet on the recruiting front these days, and because the 2013 class is going so well it looks as though the Michigan coaches keep moving on with new offers. 2011 8A state champ Bolingbrook, Illoinois has really been putting out some top talent in the last couple years. LB Antonio Morrison took a hard look at Michigan before deciding on Florida. Another is Aaron Bailey who is a 4-star QB that chose Illinois over the weekend. Bailey had offers from OSU, Nebraska, Notre Dame, and others but chose Illinois. This kid will really be good, especially with the new offense being installed at Illinois. One of his offers was from Arizona, and I hear that the coach out there has quite the ability to identify quality QB prospects???

Now comes 2014 CB prospect Parker Westphal. For those who dont know, former Mich DB Todd Howard who is an alum and position coach at Bolingbrook has some great things to say about Parker (http://hsillinois.scout.com/2/1133770.html). Over the weekend he was offered by Michigan. He lists Michigan and several other BigTen schools as places he has always liked. I've seen this kid since he has been in 6th grade and he is really a good looking player.  I hope that the early offer combined with Howards presence gives us a leg up on the competition because I really think this kid is going to be a big timer. Not too big of an update but just something to keep an eye on as news continues to be a little slow.



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sounds like he would be a good guy to have on the team. And he would be a great fit to continue the tradition of screwing up Michigan player names, like Tloy and Issac. Parrker even complains about that extra "R" being left out of his name on Twitter. 


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Tackles extremely well in space and has deep range, might end up projecting to safety. Even if he plays corner it looks like he could be the physical type whp can come up an help in the run game similar to Marlin Jackson. Either way he looks like a solid kid to offere early on.