Michigan Offers Ross Douglas

Submitted by Mr. Rager on July 24th, 2012 at 11:09 AM

4-star 2013 CB from Avon, OH that was committed to PSU... 

Edit - More info: Ross to visit Notre Dame on Thursday, Wisconsin on Saturday, and Michigan on Sunday.  Seems like he would like to get this figured out soon (in my opinion).  


NOLA Wolverine

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It would be interesting to hear how the coaching staff is handling these offers at this point in the game from the "commitability" point of view. Like could Ross Douglass and Leon McQuary III commit today and end the process (to an extent, no more commits without decommits or attrition)? Or is only one spot designated for a DB out of the last two, and it's a race between the two? Or does one of the guys get "priority" over the field like we've assumed LaQuon Treadwell does? 


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After Fun with the Law Monday, I'm thinking attrition is in play.  If Hoke has reason to believe that the Home Invasion charge will not be pled down, that's a felony and automatic removal from the team.  Stepping beyond that, Monday showed us the odds of a team making it a year without some kind of attrition.  


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It is not like he was actually on PSU's roster, he is a de-commit just like anyone else that may de-commits from a school and should be looked at that way. It does not matter if it “excites” you or not, we are trying to fill out a solid recruiting class. Not a well thought out statement.


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I though we offered him back on April. Also, apparently he's coming to the BBQ according to Steve Wiltfong.
Edit: apparently they made his offer pulled/made his offer uncommittable before.


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You could've have noted his tweet saying Michigan re-offered him, and he ended the tweet in "#blessed". That makes it more likely he is favoring UofM.


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With the fact that we had prior interest in him and vice versa, it turns a "a PSU CB decommit got offered by Michigan" into "a former Michigan CB target has interest in us again".

Sorry my previous post was based on there was no past relationship or interest entered both parties. And we just offered him because he was a 4* DB.

Mr. Rager

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Yeah and if work could not block twitter, I would have had access to said tweet.  I didn't get this info from twitter, either.  It was via Helmholdt of Rivals.  

Can we ever have a discussion where we avoid every little fucking nit that is possible?

"WELLLLL... YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID RE-OFFERED" says the guy eating doritos on his sofa.  


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I am not up to par on this "blogging" like most of you are, I read something and respond before I think it through. And as I find out more facts, I look back at previous comments I have made and shake my head. I have 20 "points" what do you expect. A friend of mine here in Bagram said something and referred to Mgoblog, so I figured since I made this account way back when I would actually use it and give me something to do in down time. Next time I will try to make a valid comment so I don't upset the masses.


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I believe you have the context of my comment completely wrong as nowhere did I mention that I was unhappy with our current COMMITS.  (notice the emphasis on commited prospect)

I was alluding to the fact that PROSPECTS such as Garnett, Issac, EJ Levenberry, lots of the Good Counsel (MD) kids have all been good "friends" with a commit of ours and that we should look out for a package deal which never happened for various reasons.   


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Low-ish, but not that low on Rivals. He's the number 15 guy in Ohio, according to them, one spot above Gedeon. He's #222 in the Rivals 250, and there are 5 four star CBs ranked below him. So he's securely in the four star range in Rivals' opinion.


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Not meant at all as a "this guy isn't very good" statement, I was just trying to info-dump so people could get an idea of what the recruiting services think right now.


Personally, I'm a fan of the re-offer. If we were recruiting him before he committed to Penn State, I don't care what any site says about him...the coaches know their business.

Mr. Rager

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He was at the UTL game according to 247.  He also visited Tennessee for a game last year, and has been on an unofficial recently to Nebraska.  So it seems to be coming down to us, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, and Nebraska.  


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Very interesting that his Scout profile lists interest in Michigan as "high," while everyone else is at "medium." This leads me to believe that it is based upon more than just the offer status and visit schedule.


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a 4.41 40-yard time in school and 4.5 at the New York combine. A 4.09 shuttle time!! A 33.2 vertical leap. He is very aggressive from the film that is put out. Finsihed top 3 at combine with score of 107.07.


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His reviews from The Opening were few and mediocre at best.  One of the few specific mentions I could find of him was talking about how he got outrun for a TD by TE porspect OJ Howard.

He had a nice review from the NFL NSPD 7 on 7 tournament, including this line:

"Douglas was a pass breakup machine on Saturday. He’s quick, changes direction well, and has a good nose for the football." (247, Wiltfong)



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Most of his stats are from the RB position. His build is similar to that of Fitz coming out of high school. Maybe he has some potential there in the future. Of course, I'm really bored at work right now and still delirious from being sick this weekend, so... yeah....


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Ross was offered right around the time he committed to PSU. This is not a new offer. He just had to check with the coaches to see if they still had room. Apparently they said yes.

Mr. Yost

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The writing has been on the wall regarding Fuller and McQuay Jr. for awhile now...we clearly wanted another DB and it looked as if we were going to go 0 for 2.

Douglas got reoffered and took advantage...good for him, good for us. I'm happy he's found a home.