Michigan offers [greyshirt] DT Brady Pallante. Per Tremendous: very likely on the verge of adding a new commitment

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Steve from Tremendous (and now 247) just posted an article on a new offer Brady Pallante.


#Michigan is very likely on the verge of adding another member to the program (VIP): michigan.247sports.com/Board/59424/Mi…

— Steve Lorenz (@TremendousUM) February 18, 2013

He's an under the radar recruit at the moment, and it doesn't look like he has any offers at the moment.  I'll trust the coaches on this one, especially with their familiarity with d-linemen.

The article can be read here (half paywalled, half open).


Edit 1: Hat tip to icefins26 and THE INCREDIBLE HOKE, in pointing out that this may be a greyshirt scenario, at least according to this earlier (but deleted) tweet from Tremendous.

@TremendousUM: Barron Collier (FL) DT Brady Pallante has been offered a greyshirt scholarship by #Michigan. Story upcoming.

I guess we'll have to wait and see to tell whether this is a normal scholarship offer or not.

Edit 2: H/T to detrocks on the WolverineNation article (link here).  The story confirms that he is in fact a greyshirt offer, and not a standard offer.


Every Roh Has …

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My cool story bro moment:

I was also a class of '08 (same as Mike Martin). I went to a catholic league school (much smaller than CC), but we wrestled them that season. I was a 215lb kid at the time, but had to wrestle up a division (to 285) that day. My opponent? Mike Martin. It didn't go well for me. But yeah. Cool story bro 


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You're right, it could be a grey shirt.  I wasn't able to find Tremendous's exact tweet, but I found one that was retweeted by a couple people 

: Barron Collier (FL) DT Brady Pallante has been offered a greyshirt scholarship by . Story upcoming.

Which makes me think that he tweeted it, then deleted it.  I'm not sure whether that's becuase it's innacurate, or if it is for paywalling reasons or what, but I guess we'll have to wait until more info comes out.


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they can't all be 5 star players, not even 'Bama get all 4-5 star players, players like this help with depth at the very least and you never know just how good he will be down the road.  You know what I would like to see from The Mathlete, I want to see some stats about which teams turned their 2-3 star players into draftable talent most often, because just like not all 3 stars are created equal, not all coaching staffs are created equal. 


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Tremendous tweeted that this was a greyshirt situation with a story upcoming. Looks like the tweet has been deleted and the story is up with no mention of a greyshirt (I'm not VIP though) so I would bet it is a normal scholarship.


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Unless the staff feels he is a top second option should they not land McDowell and a few others at dt....  With Mone already committed I would be suprised if they accpet a commitment quickly before Mcdowell even visits....


No doubt though the staff knows defensive talent so we shall see how it unfolds. I don't think McDowell ends up at DE unless it's SDE......


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I applaud that sentiment:  here's the wrap up on Gelen's undefeated season which concluded yesterday.  GRII (his dad) drove up from Atlanta to see him finish what he started last year.

(The problem with wrestling is that Gelen's in the 220-lb class; he seems to project as a DE more than an LB but he's LB sized at the moment.)

But back to Brady Pallante!  He's from one of the better FB programs here in SWFL--although BC is better known for sending one Heuerman to Ohio and one to ND.  Brady's father, Dan, is the HC here.  And we like coaches' sons, don't we? Here's the wrap on Brady's wrestling championship.

Bottom line:  trust the coaches and the Heininger Certainty Principle.


February 18th, 2013 at 1:16 PM ^

Yes, that's actually exactly the problem.  The reason he hasn't been offered yet (and you'd know the minute he was because he'd have accepted) is that he's too much of a tweener--not yet tall/heavy enough for a DL, even WDE, but not really "made" to be an LB either (although Lake Central moves him all over the field).  It's probably a large part of why he doesn't yet have any offers, not even MAC, as of last check-in.

Kind of surprised Magnus hasn't already chimed in with the whole size thing.  It's kind of like his go-to on Gelen.

Anyway, 2-time DPOY for The Region, and gunning for three, which has not yet been done. (The Illinois winner this year from the NWI Times was Nyles Morgan, interestingly.)



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I disagree, I don't think he's a tweeter. I think he's big enough for WDE and could be a SDE if he was taller (which he'll likely get if his genes are any indicator). He's already bigger than Ojemudia ever was in high school, and some scouts have even said he could be a DT in college.

I love to offer him. He's a good football player and a great overall athlete, and those guys find ways to contribute. He'll finish as a three time all-state wrestler, three time state finalist shot and discus thrower, in addition to his football accolades. He's listed at 6'2" but I bet he adds an inch or two to that and is plenty tall for the DL. I know we're in on some top DL, but he'd be a great pick up. I don't want us to regret not offering him like Purdue regrets not offering his brother.

By the way, he has an offer from Illinois already.


February 18th, 2013 at 7:56 PM ^

If we're talking 6-2 and 220 to 240, he's the size of Ryan or Demens. I'm not familiar enough with his game to know if he has the speed and lateral movement to play LB at Michigan, but he has the size. The issue I see is if be packs on too much more weight and does not grow and lacks or loses his quickness. I'm thinking he's enough of an athlete to give it a go though and won't balloon without stretching some too.


February 18th, 2013 at 8:23 PM ^

I disagree.  He is a tweeter, and here is a link to his account.

In all (or more) seriousness, I'd love to offer him too.  Funny you should point that out about Illinois; I had a momentary fear earlier that he'd end up there and we'd regret it.  Then I thought, "nah.  he'd go to Purdue first."  Not because of his dad, but because of proximity as well as former LC teammate David Yancey there too.

He played last fall listed at 6'2", 232.  That's Ojemudia-size, so WDE is not out of the question, but it's also "smaller than Demens-size", he of course being 5-6 years older.

I worry that if they really wanted him they'd have offered him already.


February 18th, 2013 at 10:52 PM ^

Ojemudia was 223 on the fall roster as a frosh, Frank Clark was 228 and Brennan Beyer was 223 as well. They are all 6'2" to 6'3". Gelen is 6'2" 232 as a junior in high school, so if he's a tweener than all of our WDEs are. WDE prospects are often LB sized in high school, even the ones who don't spend all winter keeping their weight down for wrestling.

If Gelen is a tweener, he's a WDE/SDE tweener, in fact 247 lists him as the latter. The only gripe I have with him is his height, and if he can add an inch or two he'd be great.


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A greyshirt means he won't enroll until January 2015 (on scholarship). He is not allowed to be with the team or be enrolled in school for first semester, he enrolls 2nd semester. By doing this he saves a year of eligibility and he would be a true freshman in fall 2015. 


February 18th, 2013 at 9:38 AM ^

You are allowed 5 CALENDAR years to complete 4 athletic seasons, and the calendar year begins once one is enrolled.

So by enrolling in Jan. of 2015 he counts like a '15 recruit and can play through the 2019 season (assuming he sits one season out).  However, if he enrolls in the Fall of 2014, then his eleigibility clock starts from that calendar year (even if he is not on scholarship and does not practice with the team) so would end after the 2018 season.  



February 18th, 2013 at 10:41 AM ^

What is the definition of "participate?" I'm wondering if using strength and conditioning facilities is considered participation? Is he allowed to start to learn a playbook? I could see not suiting up, and not attending practices, in the Fall of 2014, but he still would be helped a lot if he can work on strength, stamina, weight, diet, and familiarity with schemes, etc.


February 17th, 2013 at 10:07 PM ^

He did camp at Michigan last summer and apparently did pretty well. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. The stories on his wrestling championship say that he's at 288 lbs, so he's got some good size for a 2014 guy.

Also, Tom VH has confirmed that its a gray shirt offer. Story is up on Wolverine Nation.