Michigan offers 2015 five-star PG Jalen Brunson

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Brunson, a 6-foot-2 point guard, is a five-star prospect and ranked as the top point guard in his class and #20 overall according to ESPN.com. Brunson received the offer while on an unofficial visit to Michigan on Saturday.

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Wait, I thought Michigan waits until one day to offer the kids in a class? I know we just had offer day for the 2014 class. Do we offer the really highly rated kids early or am I missing something?


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June 15th after their Sophomore year is the first day they give out offers.  But there is a considerable amount of info they need on the players first in addition to requiring a visit to Michigan from the kids.  He might not have been to Michigan until this weekend hence why he wasn't offered last week.


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the rise of morris and burke is huge for recruiting...shows that beilein can make a pg a true star...one you can pass off as a fluke, two and its a coaching staff a pg will want to play for

Eastside Maize

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Watched one of his clips on You tube. Looks like he has a nice J, good handles and excels at getting his teammates in a good scoring position. Would be good to have another Jalen run the point. He's a southpaw too so if he commits he's gotta rock the number 5 jersey.


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It's typically done as a set play when the opponent does not have a man on the inbounder and they are inbounding under their own basket.  Usually you see that "self-pass" which allows the inbounder to score. 

In this instance it looks like no one from his team was back to take the inbound (under the opponents basket) so he had to improvise.


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The highlights posted above look pretty good. There was an earlier article which said that LaVall Jordan has the lead on Brunson's recruitment, but that Beilein has played a minor role as well.  Per an earlier UMHops article, when asked about what he liked about how Michigan used Burke and point guards in general:

"It’s kind of like my position and it shows that they have a lot trust in their point guard and let him make plays and give him the freedom. That’s what I want and that’s what I look for, for a coach that has trust in me."

He also has a pretty decent offer list already (from all over the map really) per Rivals, including Creighton, Connecticut, DePaul, Illinois, Oklahoma State, Purdue, SMU, Temple, Tulsa, Virginia and Xavier.


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I just happened to play basketball against one of Brunson's teammates this morning. Would be awesome if Brunson came to Michigan.


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Any word on if there are offers in this class by Coach B for any Chris', Juwans, Jimmys, or Rays?  If so I have a sneaking suspicion about Coach B's plans... 


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Why hasn't the coaching staff extended offers to Diamond Stone and Stephen Zimmerman? I know about the rule where they need to visit campus in order to receive the offer but if I remember correctly both already have. So where are their offers?