Michigan / NW tickets on sale now - save 10 percent ! More now released buy them while ya can !

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their ya go, save 10 percent on the Michigan / NW Game - 45 instead of 50


and you can buy them now


also, Duffy's in Chicago is offering a tailgate  including pre game festivities, transportation to and from the game and a game ticket for 100 each





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If you have not been there before either get there early or do a shuttle or something similar because my experiences in NW are that the parking was not very good.


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There is very little parking near the stadium and Evanston gets quite congested on game day. The last time I went to a UM/NU game, I rode my scooter. I was able to park between two cars within sight of the stadium. So, if you have access to a motorcycle or scooter, you might be able to do OK. That said, there are shuttle buses that run North and South on Sheridan Road & Chicago Avenue. Also, you can park (not free) along Green Bay Road and walk to the stadium. However, public transportation will most likely be the best option.


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Going to Chicago for this game and will look into these tickets, but is it possible to get tickets even more on the cheap (off secondary markets or buying it on gameday)? Just trying to assess the NW ticket situation.


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$45 to sit with M fans is a good deal-$100 to party all day with food and drink seems like a better deal.  As for tickets on gameday yes you will find face value on game day either at the box office or scalping-face is a fair bet.  Plenty of tickets as NW does not sell out although being a night game I suggest $45 now or the $100.

As for the train you will need to connect to the Transit Authority from Amtrak coming from Milwaukee (very easy same platform/terminal) and the train to NW is walking distance-just a few blocks.  As for a great hot dog/brat try Mustards Last Stand near the stadium.



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Thanks for posting.  This is the one road game I may actually go to.  The Duffy's deal sounds solid.  Has anyone ever done this before, and would you share your experience?


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I have not done Duffy's however I did do something similar to last years ND game and although there was a very small contingent of M fan on that 3 hour bus ride it was a FUN ride.  Food was decent-not great-brats, hot dogs, cole slaw, potato salad and hamburgers however the booze was quite liberal and they mixed plenty of drinks-hardly felt cheated.  Duffy's has been doing this a long time so the staff will be attentive and you will get your $50 dollars worth.


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tickets on stubhub right now are 44 dollars at the cheapest, and that does not include the fees and the shipping / download costs. and those were for end zone seats

i got 2 off this deal today sideline seats section 105


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Just bought 6 tickets, also in section 105. Can't beat this price for these seats. My sisters and families all live in Evanston, there are plenty of good deli's and places to go, and I've never had a problem parking for the game. 6pm is a nice time to go too.

I'm waiting for game times at Iowa and Illinois before getting tickets.


August 3rd, 2011 at 11:09 AM ^

The bloc sold out last night, so they added to it this morning and made more available.  I had trouble with the web page (could be the ancient browser that is the only one we are allowed to use at work), but I was able to handle it over the phone with Kaitlyn Brady (number in the flyer), former AA swimmer at Michigan.


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for the info. I thought I was going to have to wait till August 22nd to buy these tickets and never expected to get them at a discount. I'll be in section 105 row 33. There definitely will be a lot of mgobloggers in that section. Go Blue!!!

Naked Bootlegger

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Was hoping to score 4 tix, but was shut out.   This was pretty damned cool that we could purchase tix through NU's web page.  Could you ever imagine UM's atheltic department sponsoring a sale for the opposing team's alumni base?!  The sheer magnitude - and  spending ability - of UM's fan base is amazing.