Michigan no longer recruiting Montae Nicholson (may be full at safety for 2014)

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Will be interesting to see how that phone call goes with Smith. Montae Nicholson was told there is no room as of now w/ Michigan.

— Tom VanHaaren (@TomVH) August 27, 2013

Tom then clarified by saying that they're full at that position, not for the class.

.@meddler76 no room for his position, not overall.

— Tom VanHaaren (@TomVH) August 27, 2013

So we may be full at safety for the 2014 class, which would not only mean that we not recruiting Nicholson, but we may not be going after Juju Smith as well.  It sounds like Smith is going to contact the coaches today, and then we'll see whether or not we are still going after the 5-star California safety




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We don't have anyone who projects to be a safety in this class (although 247 does list Wangler as a S, but he's more likely to play LB).

As for silent commits, I'd be shocked if we had one.  We only had a few guys on our radar for this position anyway (Nicholson, and the Smiths (Juju and Erick)).  Nicholson obviously is not a silent commit now, and Juju Smith has never visited (which all but guarentees he wouldn't be).  The only option would be Erick Smith, but he still seems to be an Ohio lean, and I don't think that drastically yet.  Nonetheless, silent commitments are rare.

I'm guessing that we're tight on spots for this class, and we just picked up a safety in our next class.  If I had to guess for this class we will treat S like we are treating RB—Five Star or Bust.  So essentially we will either get Juju Smith or use the scholarship elsewhere.  We'll probably know for sure later today when the Tom hears back from Smith.

Space Coyote

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Coaches are happy with the young talent at CB and may be moving some of the other young CBs to Safety, thus the position has been filled and more depth isn't required. I really liked Nicholson and would like to have him in the class. But that's my impression.


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Seems to me my thought process as well.  With both Lewis and Stribling pushing for CB spots as freshmen, we have 5 guys there for 2 slots this year and next year (Raymon Taylor is still a junior).  That leaves a lot of players who can push for safety - esp if their alternative is being the 6th CB.  You'd expect Peppers to come in and compete for that nickel spot next year for his eventual move to CB in 2015.  Did everyone forget about Dymonte Thomas who supposedly is a shoo-in for a starting safety next year?  I assume guys like Delano Hill will also be in the 2 deep in 12 months at safety etc.  Lots of the 2013 kids can be working to be safeties.


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Silent commit?  Only player I could think of being a silent commit would be Lattimore or Smith from when there was some thoughts on an early commit from a BBQ visitor.  I doubt it's true, but I wouldn't blame a kid from Columbus who committed to MIchigan keeping it quiet until enrolling early or signing day.


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Could Westphal be a silent commit? Or is he officially off the radar? I know the popular opinion is Michigan cooled on him or he was now favoring Northwestern or Vandy but did Westphal ever say that. He originally wanted to choose before he season which starts Friday. Still holding out hope on this kid.


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I disagree that we don't have much depth at safety, especially moving forward. We only lose one safety after this fall, but more important is that many of our young DBs are versatile. It looks like Hill and Thomas will be safeties and Reon Dawson could be as well, especially considering how good our young CBs look.

I think it's very likely that the coaches have either already moved guys around in the secondary, or feel either Peppers or Watson will end up at safety. Or both.

If Stribling and Lewis are that good, and we return both starting CBs after this year, that's quite the depth chart at CB going forward. If the coaches want to get Peppers on the field in his first couple years, that either means safety or nickel, and it might make more sense for Lewis or Stribling to come in as the fifth DB and have Peppers start at safety alongside Dymonte (or Wilson). With Crawford and Kinnel already in the fold for 2015, the coaches might be saying that the defensive backfield is looking good for the next couple years.


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I agree (and wrote very similar things) with much of what you said but I'll disagree on Peppers.  A lockdown corner is the 2nd most valuable thing you can have on the defense aside from a terror at defensive end.  (or it can be argued THE most valuable thing) A stud safety is always good but if you can "take away half the field" and neutralize the other team's first WR option, it makes for a long day.   If Peppers is all he is cracked up to be, he will be a corner.  Would you rather of had Ty Law or Woodson or Patrick Peterson or Champ Bailey as a corner or safety?  Yes i know Ed Reed etc... but if you have a stud CB you put that kid at CB.  I agree 100% with what most are missing - we just had 2 freshman named to the 2 deep.  This is a VERY GOOD thing.  That mean that those 2 (barring injury) are going to be corners most likely for 2014-2016.  You are going to add Peppers - who will displace one of those as a starter (most likely) in 2015.  And in 2014 you bring back all 5 guys you currently have as corners in the 2 deep. So the 5 in 2013 are going to be the 5 in 2014 with potentially Peppers sliding in as a nickel in 14.  That is 6 CBs next year. 

You have Dymonte who is a projected safety and then a lot of young guys who are going to either be vying to be the #6 (or 7) CB next year or the #4 CB in 2015 - so you have plenty of good cover guys who can be converted to safeties if they ball hawk and like to tackle.  And they will be higher up the food chain at safety rather than vying to be the backup to the backup at corner.


August 27th, 2013 at 4:28 PM ^

Maybe my point wasn't clear on Peppers - I'm not advocating he be moved to safety if all other things are equal. My point was that if we're returning our full 2-deep at corner for his frosh season, and three of those four for his Soph season, and if we don't have two sure-fire starters at safety, he's a guy who could move their based on his versatility.

I'm also only talking about his first season, maybe second. When Peppers is a freshman, Raymon Taylor and Countess will be in their third seasons as starters. We will be replacing one or maybe two starters at safety after this season. Sometimes it makes more sense to play young guys where they can best contribute, not where they fit the best, long term. Same reason Schofield was a guard before last season.

True Blue Grit

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I'd think the coaches would make room for him if he does actually want to come here.  But it could be Nicholson's time table for deciding was an issue too with the coaches.  It sounded like he was taking his time and not planning to commit until after his season sometime.  Whether we're expecting another guy to commit or whether we actually are done recruiting the position, I'll assume the coaches know what they're doing. 


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I had seen a teaser tweet last night from Steve Lorenz linking to a post on 247 addressing this but the tweet was soon deleted.  I read the post on the 247 board about Montae but when I tried to go back a few minutes later read any reactions to the news, I could not find it.  I was hoping that meant it was a premature post and he was still being recruited but looks like that was not the case.  Bummer. 



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I'm not sure I understand the wisdom of taking 3.5 SAM prospects and no safeties, but I'm sure the plan will be revealed in time.


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You lose 2 of the 3 LBs starting (incl Jake Ryan) in 17 months, along with top reserve Brennen Beyer. You lose Cam Gordon in 4 months. That is 4 of the top 5 in the rotation right now gone in a year and a half.  We don't have "plenty of LBers" - it is the "oldest" position in the team right now IMO excl WRs which will be restocked next year.  Out of 4 players recruited you have to assume 1 won't pan out and 1 may be an injury, leaving you 2.  Over a 5 year cycle that is 10 guys to a 7-8 person core group of players.  Some just won't be good enough as well.  3-4 LBs a class is fine.


August 27th, 2013 at 1:59 PM ^

The coaches know that all these guys won't stay at SAM, WIL, whatever.  e.g., RJS was recruited for MIKE, Morgan started at WIL, Gordon was in the secondary, etc.

Positions are fluid.


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Are there 4 spots left or 3 for 2014?  If 3 then it makes me feel like Hoke feels he is going to pull Hand and McDowell and just leave 1 spot open for best player available sort of thing. I assumed there were 3-4 spots left but I am not sure.

Prince Lover

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But that just means more room in the class for Hand, McDowell, Lattimore and Smith(preferably Juju but I'll take Eric if that means Lattimore too).
Its not always easy to say it but that's why they call it faith, in Hoke I trust.


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Stribling was a guy who fit a specific need, i.e. big corner, and his signing did not force anyone else out that I can recall.  Wangler, on the other hand is a 4th LB who is woefully undersized for SAM or slow for WLB and his signing apparently took away a spot for a super talented player at a position of apparent need in Nicholson. 

Sorry, but not all sleeper recruits are the same.