Michigan Night on BTN / Friday Night Drinking Thread

Submitted by triangle_M on August 16th, 2013 at 8:00 PM

UTL I just finished.  

8:00 Michigan season preview

8:30 Northwestern at Michigan 2012

Started with a Ola Dubh 21, now I'm onto Alewerks Twenty Knots.



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Brian's prediction coming true? Maybe, but it's a package deal, so it's not just MTV or Nick that is being streamed, it's all of them. 

The BTN is jointly owned with Fox (obviously a cable empire) and hopefully be bundled with their channels if they were to ever reach a similar deal with a streaming TV company.


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It so happens that I have in the beer fridge precisely what I consumed after the end of said Northwestern-Michigan game, so Franziskaner Weissbier it is. 

For those that may miss it, the BTN still lists the Michigan preview for five and a half hours in the morning tomorrow, so hopefully you can catch then if you miss it now. 


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A nice post ride chocolate milk. The beer fridge is empty (except for Natty Ice...so its empty). In other news my Battlefield 3 download is about to finish so thats exciting I suppose. If you're a PC gamer looking to score some games for dirt cheap, like $5 for 8 games, then definitely check out the Humble Bundle website some time in the next 2 weeks.


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I now only consume on Friday and Saturday, so I've been a bit more of a lush tonight than I usually am. So far I've had a Freedom's Edge (Cheyenne, WY) Steamboat Russian Imperial Stout and a Lander (Lander, WY) Devil's Advocate English Barley Wine. Both are "big" beers, coming in at 13 and 9.5 percent, respectively. Next up, and last for the night most likely, a Boulevard Rye on Rye. 

Brown Bear

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Edmund Fitzgerald, FFF's Drunk Monk and maybe a few New Glarus Two Women lagers if I don't pass out before then. Mixing up my styles per usual, can't let the palate grow complacent.


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Lagunitas Sucks is not only one of the best DIPAs out there, but possibly the best introduction to the style as well, in my opinion. 

The best DIPA I've encountered so far is Odell Myrcenary (Odell IPA is probably my favorite regular IPA), and yes I've had Pliny. The IPA's I really want to try are Heady Topper, Nelson, and the Hills Farmstead offerings in the style. 


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like what happened a few plays back, where Simeon gets flushed from the pocket and 113k people start roaring because he's most likely about to get destroyed? Just thinking about it, that's like gladiator shit. I like it.