Michigan needs Indiana to beat Wisconsin

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I am concerned that if Wisconsin beats Indiana to reach the BTT final or wins the whole thing, the Badgers could get a higher seed than Michigan.  This could then bump the Wolverines from Auburn Hills and send Michigan off to Austin or San Jose or someplace.  So, I will be rooting for the Hoosiers to beat Wisconsin tomorrow.



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I hate to intrude on all the doom and gloom, but I'm actually looking forward to playing some non-conference games after the last few grueling weeks.  In conference play, even when opponents weren't watching us directly, they were watching us play against their next opponent(s).  All due credit to opposing B1G coaching staffs;  imo we've forgotten how talented we are because of how good our opponents have been at countering that talent.  Now we get to play against a team (knock on wood that should be plural) that's only ever seen us on film.  I'm not saying it will be as easy as November-December was, but I highly dooubt it'll be as ugly as the last 6 weeks.


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I put this in a post a week ago, but all those tough B1G teams Michigan struggled with, didn't exactly set the world on fire against top competition OOC. Granted teams change from OOC to now, but thinking all the teams outside the B1G are much easier is pretty foolish when you look at the actual records.


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In a strange way, you almost made my point for me.  UM's B1G opponents struggled in some of their OOC games due to inferior talent, but they succeeded against UM despite inferior talent because of familiarity.  Based on pure talent, UM is at least an Elite Eight team, and without the familiarity that Crean, Izzo, Matta, Ryan, and the rest have with UM, I believe that the talent advantage will be quite a bit more noticeable than it has been for the last 6 weeks.


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Maybe more important than how Wisconsin does tomorrow is the fact that Sparty (many project as a 3-seed) probably maintained it with their ugly win tonight.  Also, Syracuse and maybe KState (both projected as likely 4-seeds) may both be getting the benefit of resume boosting wins tonight and possibly another tomorrow.  I really want Michigan to play the opening game(s) in Auburn Hills.  First off, I have tickets.  Second, it would be nice to maybe feel a home court type advantage.  I am not sure where we stand at the moment.


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It doesn't matter if we are a 3 or a 4 seed. we will not get past the 2nd round. This team is terrible. They make me want to puke every time I watch them. They can't rebound they can't shoot free throws and they surely can't play defense.


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Sorry to rain on the defeatist pussyboy pow wow, but I'm actually happy that we lost to Wisconsin. The B10 tourney is useless, and this team could use the time to rest. The main reason for the late season slump was because this young team was simply tired from the tough B10 slate.

A week off and a couple of cupcakes to start March Madness is just what the doctor ordered. I'm looking forward to it. Final Four, baby.


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A week off isn't bad, but a "couple of cupcakes" isn't going to happen.  Given that we're now looking at a #3 or #4 seed, the opening-round game might be easy depending on whom we draw, but the round after that will probably be against a top 25-caliber team.



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I agree with jmblue RE: facing a top 25 team will come sooner rather than later.  Also, to get out of our bracket and make it to the Final Four, keep in mind that we will have to beat the 1 seed and then the (presumably) 2 seed.  

EDIT: Yeah, so I replied to the wrong person, but hope y'all catch my drift. 


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I'm hoping this team plays different during the tournament. I have a feeling Stauskas will really play well in tournament. On the short turnarounds, the opposing teams' scouting reports will basically anoint him as just a shooter, and we all know that's just not true. Also, McGary has come on of late and Horford isn't a complete liability on both ends anymore. I hope Morgan is just living in a hyperbaric chamber all week, that ankle might be at 90% but it's effecting his play and most likely swollen as shit after a game. I don't think he'll be able to play two games in a weekend, so in the first game I hope they only use him if we need him. Wisconsin is just a pain in the ass of a team to play and they really shot lights out in the second half. We've been playing Big Ten teams for about 2.5 months now and now it's time to play some teams from other conferences. Maybe the first weekend against non-Big Ten teams will help this team regain the confidence and swagger that we saw earlier this season. I am cautiously optimistic

Hugh Jass

March 16th, 2013 at 12:57 PM ^

they beat us......move on - will be good to play someone in the tourney that does not know you so well instead of someone who knows intimate details about your entire roster.