Michigan, Nebraska and Game Day

Submitted by RadioSimon1983 on October 29th, 2011 at 11:29 PM
If you look a few weeks down the line, you'll notice not a lot of big time match ups around the nation. But, should both Michigan and Nebraska win their next two games, it would be a key match up among ranked teams for the lead in the division. And I would think Game Day would be coming back to Ann Arbor for the second time this year.



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they try to avoid going to the same place twice if at all possible.  Even if it's  way the best game on the schedule I would not expect them to come to Ann Arbor. 


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on the permanent lights portion of that rule but right about there being no hard and fast rule:




Turns out, the Big Ten doesn't have a hard-line policy prohibiting November night games. A contractual provision exists between the Big Ten and its TV partners regarding prime-time games played after Nov. 1. Unless all parties are on board and sign off early in the process -- the prime-time schedule is usually finalized between early March and mid April -- a November night game likely won't happen. 


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why post this? has Game Day EVER returned to a campus? much less one that was not in the title contention? i have little doubt they'd rather do Paterno's Swan Song in the Horseshoe or USC/Oregon (the more likely since it's 8 PM ABC)

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They try to avoid it, but GameDay has repeated locations before. The most recent time this happened was 2007 when they visited LSU twice. In 2006 they visited OSU twice and USC twice. They also visited USC twice in 2004.

So not unprecedented, but they have tried not to for the last 4 seasons.


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If they pick a "swan song" game for Paterno, it is far more likely to be his final home this year against Nebraska. That very will could be his last home game as HC and having Tom Osborne on hand would be a nice touch. Or they could do his final game of the season, against Wisconsin at Camp Randall. Either would make more sense than his final game at the Shoe.


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I was gonna post this if I had enough points, because I was just thinking the same thing today. The only other remotely good matchup is USC at Oregon and they've also been to Oregon this year already too. I just hope we win these next too games for it to even be considered.


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Like Geaux_Blue said they never (Edit: almost never) return to the same campus.  They try to avoid doing the same school twice but they'll do that occassionally as long as it's not on the same campus.

A list of games that they would probably choose before returning to Ann Arbor:

  • Penn State at Ohio State
  • Texas Tech at Missouri
  • Kansas State at Texas
  • Boise State at San Diego State if it is 10-0 vs 8-2.

They also occasionally go to a I-AA game.  A few options that week are

  • Harvard at Yale
  • #9 Montana at #3 Montana State

If Alabama wins next week then they could have an unusual matchup of I-AA #1 Georgia Southern at I-A #1 Alabama


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SDSU is 4-3 right now.  They were 4-2 when I posted, but lost last night.  So there's probably no chance Gameday will go to that game.

Although I'm sure the hosts would enjoy being in San Diego in mid-to-late November.


My guess is that they'll wind up at Ohio State or a 1-AA game.  Haven't they even done a D-2 or D-3 game before?  Maybe they'll go to an even lower division.


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Cosidering there's a good chance it will have very real implications on that division race.  Now that Ohio beat Wisonsin, assuming they beat Indiana and Purdue, and assuming Nebraska beats Penn State (which I think is fairly likely), the winner of that game would likely be in the driver's seat for making it to the B1G championship game.


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If we beat Nebraska and all three teams win all games to that point, wouldn't there be a three way tie for the lead in the division? And anyone who took advanced calculus and can explain which team would go assuming MSU, and UM win out and Nebraska loses only to us would be a real pal.




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if we beat Nebraska, that would be Nebraska's second loss in B1G play (don't forget their loss to Wiscy). So the tie would be with us and MSU and they win because of the head to head. There's no situation where we can go the championship game unless MSU loses another one...


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After tonight, it's pretty clear the Big Ten is awful this year. Minnesota over Iowa? Ohio over Wisconsin? Nebraska crushes Michigan State? Just a bad bad day for the Big Ten. The only good thing is that there is parity between 8-9 teams. Anyone can win, anytime.

At first I thought that the offenses were okay and it was the great defenses that made Big Ten games so close...but I'm pretty sure that's not it anymore.


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It's home field advantage that keeps these games close.  You look at all the "top-tier" teams of the Big Ten, and you notice that all their conferences losses come on the road.  Even some of these upsets like the Iowa/Minnesota game today and the Illinois/Purdue game last week happen for the home team.  If anything this season, the Big Ten has clearly shown the impact of playing at home can be.


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Obviously, the B1G has no Top Ten teams, but we knew that already.

I think we're seeing tOSU get its head out of its ass, and MSU finally seeing an unfavorable matchup.

MSU just finished a brutal 4 game stretch, and I think 3-1 is definitely indicative of a Top 20 level of play.

Iowa going down to Minny was shocking, but I certainly didn't have them as anywhere near a Top 25 team.  Maybe a 40ish team just hanging around on a weak schedule.  But the schedule finally catches up to Iowa w/ Mich, MSU, & Neb among their final 4 games.

The B1G has a number of 10-25 teams (by my eyes) in (by current BCS poll order) MSU, Neb, Wiscy, Mich, PSU, & tOSU.  That's a decent set of teams that will fare well in bowls, given that they're not going to be going up against LSU or Alabama.

Then there are the middling teams, Illinois and (still IMO) Iowa.  Finally, the higher end crappy teams NW & Purdue, and then the should-be-autowins Minnesota and Indiana.


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Well down in the SEC they call that having a tough conference, every week is a battle.

So why doesn't that apply to us? What's the difference between unranked Iowa losing on the road to Minny, and 10th ranked Arkansas almost losing on the road to Vandy?

What about the ACC? They just had leader and 5th ranked team get blown out by unranked GT.

This is more of a down year for CFB in general, with only a few dominant teams and a lot of 1-2 loss teams. The Big Ten isn't any weaker than the ACC, Big 12, PAC-12, and the 10 teams in the SEC


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That would be great in the sense that we would (hypothetically) still be going strong and generating quite a bit of publicity  for our "revised" teams, if you will. Over the years, however, I can't recall ESPN ever returning to a campus for Gameday unless it was once  for football and once  for basketball, and I believe they will be here February-ish for a game at Crisler. 


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I don't see them coming back to Ann Arbor again unless the aspects of the Big Ten continue dramatic changes over the next few weeks.  

What I mean by this is that michigan and nebraska will both have to win the next 2 games, msu will have to lose at least a game, and both need to move up in the rankings much more.  I think all of these are reasonable assumptions, but the big part is moving up in the rankings.  In order for Gameday to consider a return to Ann Arbor, Michigan and Nebraska will probably have to be a top 10 matchup.

However, the way teams are randomly falling as of late, I think it's a real possiblity, both Michigan and Nebraska should move up this week (probably 1-3 spots each) which puts them in a better spot, but both teams don't have a cupcake schedule until the matchup.

Michigan has to win 2 road games, even though the difficulty of said games appears to be decreasing, they're still road games.  Nebraska also has Northwestern and Penn State.  Penn State's obviously a tough game, especially because it's in Beaver Stadium and probably will end up being a night game.

Not saying don't speculate, but I'm just saying it will be tough to get it here because of the need for a top 10 matchup and at least in my opinion, the low likelihood of both teams winning their next 2 games


October 30th, 2011 at 11:19 AM ^

The MSU/Iowa match up is interesting.  If I remember, Iowa has had MSU's number.  So a loss to Iowa, and Michigan winning out could mean michigan in the B1G championship game.


The dynamic of the Big Ten still could mean a Game Day in AA.  I was just looking at the match ups and if both teams win out, it'll be a top 15 or top 10 match up in Ann Arbor.