Michigan-ND Score Prediction Thread

Submitted by hart20 on September 21st, 2012 at 1:34 PM

What's your prediction for the score this weekend?

I think ND's woeful lack of experience in the secondary, combined with their struggles defending runs to the outside is a nightmare matchup against Denard. I haven' t been terribly impressed by ND's offense either. Golson looks fine rolling out, but while he has the arm strength to make any downfield throw, the accuracy is seemingly lacking.


My prediction: 35-17, Michigan.


Brian Kelly's goes all:

 in the 4th quarter.



September 21st, 2012 at 7:38 PM ^

 What we know about ND. They beat a terrible Navy team terribly. Purdue played them close at home and They beat a bad offensive MSU team on the road. Sounds like a national champion to me besides the fact they beat the same teams last year and we know how that ended.

 Michigans Defense might not be as good as Purdues or MSU's right now but they are not as bad as the 2010 version ( which still won in south bend) but, our offense is light years beyond MSU's right now and better than purdues. This is the game that will help ease the sting of the Bama loss

 Michigan 38 ND 28


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been following this rivalry since I started school at Michigan in 2009, so it's impossible for me to conceive of us losing, or winning by more than four points. I'm gonna go big and say we win by a whole touchdown this time around, with fairly little drama. 30-23.