Michigan @ MSU S&P+ Box Score

Submitted by Ecky Pting on October 22nd, 2018 at 4:04 PM

Here's the S&P+ fancy-stats box score from Bill Connelly at FBSH. The deeper shades of red on the Sparty line items are good. Surprise-surprise, the only green for the Green is in turnover margin. To Sparty's credit, the MSU defense did make the UM offense look quite average.



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I have no idea why we didn't take at least 3x more shots deep this game. We essentially did it twice. Once in double coverage and once was the long TD. If we bust one of them in the first half, then the complexion of the game changes entirely.

That being said, loved everything about that game!


October 22nd, 2018 at 5:29 PM ^

How does ND seem high? We outgained them, if Chase doesnt hit Wimbush late they don’t get one of their TDs and it’s a FG instead so the score is 20-17 instead of 24. If Will Hart doesn’t mishandle a field goal snap, Nordin likely makes a chip shot and it’s 20-20. Two plays alone and it’s a completely different game. Not to mention Michigan had the ball late with a chance to tie it anyway. 

Putting it simply, it isn’t like ND went out there and flat out outplayed Michigan in that game. Michigan got itself into trouble with some bad penalties and a few unforced errors and it cost us the game. 


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The success rate on there is very telling, in my mind.  Michigan was moving the ball OK in the first quarter and the fourth quarter, but not at all in the second (when the drives kept stalling) and third (when the rain came back).  But Michigan State's success rate isn't there at all (which visually comports with what we saw.)

Ecky Pting

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Sorry, the picture was linked OK when I posted it and now it's... gone? Alas, I can't edit, so now this basically a dead thread.

Here's the link from the original site and the image again, now coming from the blog server (right-click\open-in-new-tab to embiggen), so we now have a belt AND suspenders: