Michigan-MSU Press Conferences

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Has anyone been able to find video from the post game press conferences yesterday? SIAP, but I’ve searched the board, and every website I can think of. I would love to see Beilein and the players’ comments, as well as Tom’s complaining. Thanks in advance for the help!



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Nope. The troller on the bottom of the highlight screen doesn’t note that Michigan has won 3 in a row and 9/15 either. Not like it’s Michigan football that lost...


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is a piece of crap-- i lost so much respect for him in the last 3-4 years...... i.e. "ya i wish all of the teams we face best player was injured"  --- " i hope they got the right guy (nassar)"--- and just yesterday "they got lucky on the threes (simpson-matthews) -- and rahkman 'crotched' one in......he belongs at msu


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It’s always weird how he feels the need to rattle off a few excuses before he ultimately says Michigan deserved to win. I would give him props for saying that Michigan was the better team, but he can’t help himself. True Simpson and Matthews aren’t our best shooters, but they can make shots. Regardless of the scouting report, you might not want to leave anybody wide open for a three.


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"They didn't do exactly what we expected. I mean, obviously it was a weird game and we'd have totally won if they did exactly what we expected. Next time, when we predict they'll do exactly what we expect, we'll definitely win. But hey, they were the better team today."

- summary of Izzo after every loss

Team 101

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Search Tom Izzo on Youtube and it should pop up.  It wasn't one of hismore entertaining whine fests.  Essentially he says they lost because Z and Matthews hit threes to open the game and MAAR hit one from 35 out.


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He crotched that one in, whatever that means. Typical Sparty, always thinking about his crotch.

I could only watch 4 minutes of that. They are so delusional. "We didn't shoot well." "We didn't play well." I wonder why that is. "We allowed their 3 pointers. We allowed their penetration." So fucking nice of you guys. Maybe next year you can make some baskets for us. Oh, wait, I just remembered, we don't need your help.

Mike Damone

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stupid excuses:

#1:  Seemed to blame the bad start for why they lost the game, and Z/Matthews getting lucky, giving us 9 points we didnt deserve.  Which is BS, game was tied a few minutes later.

#2:  "Rahkman crotched in that 35 footer" - No credit for the other great picks, plays and drives we made.

But he did acknowledge that we were the better team and play better defense than his team.    That had to hurt...


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That MAAR 3 I called lucky, but great players make great shots and that shot wasn't the reason MSU lost - it just rubbed salt in the wound. MSU has had their fair share of lucky bounces
- it is what it is.

Izzo got outcoached, Wagner stepped up as a leader, and Ward pouted. It's entirely possible that as of right now, Michigan is better. When a team beats you by double digits, on the road and at a neutral site you have to consider the possibility.

MSU is still a very talented team, and there's no reason to pout. Get better. Don't play Langford when he's not making a midranger and hasn't for months. Don't let your team settle for jump shots when you have the front line to punish teams inside.

Bridges, for all the good things he does on the floor lacks the killer instinct and leadership. I don't like losing to Wagner, because he's fiery and a rival, but if he was a Spartan he would be my favorite player and I hold no personal grudge against him.

Those Hitler chants embarrassed MSU and me - sure, sports are a passion of mine but it's secondary to realizing people are more important than sports. A lot of MSU fans have become what they used to despise - entitled, arrogant, and classless.

I'm not counting MSU out, but both the players and the coaching staff need to bust hump and work harder.


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Many sports/University fans are good people, and good fans. Where things get out of skew is the mob/internet mentality. All it takes is about a dozen or more internet tough guys to start posting out their ass. Even here there are about 20-30 asshats, morality police, grammar nuts, etc...essentially arrogant pricks. But because they post a ton of content, it's easy to think it's the norm for said fan base. Many of the sparties I know are pretty passionate fans, and like to kid and chide after a good game...but in the end it's just a game. Now OSU fans on the other hand...I can count with one finger the number of rational/sane fan they have.


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It happened. I shouldn't have acted that way, and I apologize for my actions and have taken constructive criticism to heart. If you want to downvote every post I make, that's your prerogative - but I can't undo what I said; I can only control what I say from now onward.

I'm not here to troll the board. I'm here to contribute, and have camaraderie with other sports fans.

Mike Damone

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to have you here.  I am certain, like most Sparty fans, you want the BTT winner to come from the great state of Michigan, and will be rooting for your in state brethren to bring home the trophy.  Let's have a group hug, and maybe I'll talk you out for a Fresca after the game...


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Michigan isn't playing MSU, I'd rather not have Purdue get the best seed from the B1G, and I'd rather MSU lose to the winner of tourney than the runner-up. Besides, I have friends that are UM alumni or UM fans and if MSU can't win it, I'd rather have my friends celebrate than some guy in Indiana.


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Personally, I believe the majority of both Michigan and MSU fans are good people who want their team to win.  Sure, we get fired up and may say one or two things now and then, but the trolls are not the norm.   They are the exception.  It's just that now a days, people focus on the extremes.  What shows up are twitter whines, board meltdowns and crazy things people say.  But I don't believe that's the majority viewpoint.  Most of us love football and support our schools.

When a Sparty Troll starts up with Walverines or whatever it is, I just put them on ignore.  But living in Georgia, I am almost always glad to run into Big 10 people.  (Even Buckeyes!  Gasp!).  We are united in our love for the game and the schools we support.  Living in S-E-C country, I am excited to see the Big 10 rise (East).  

M-MSU is a great rivalry and honestly, you can't have one without the other.  I care about college football for many reasons over the NFL, but one of them is the distinctiveness of the old Big 10 (i.e. not Rutgers, Maryland).    M vs. MSU is a date to circle on the calendar every fall and though the outcomes have been miserable at times the last decade, I'm tuning in next year with renewed hope for M,   Without MSU or Ohio St., Michigan football loses that special sense of urgency for me.  I'd still follow it, but as we all know one of the first things people bring up with Harbaugh is the rivalry record.

Truly, it may sound odd, but I have missed Notre Dame on the schedule the past few years.  I am so excited we have the opportunity to beat them next fall.  I've been follwing Michigan football for over 40 years and MSU rivalry is an important component of the passion I feel even after all this time.  So, as much fun as it is to talk 'hate', I don't really 'hate' Sparty.  I just want my team to beat theirs .... with integrity on and off the playing field.


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"It's entirely possible that as of right now, Michigan is better.  When a team beats you by double digits, on the road and at a neutral sight you have to consider the possibility."

Way to back into that.  Yeah... I'd say there's more than a possibility.


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PSU beat OSU 3 times this year. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to make the argument PSU is better than OSU. They're definitely a nightmare matchup for OSU and in their heads a bit.

UM beat MSU twice, handily. But there's other games to consider. Discounting the rivalry games, MSU is 29-2 and UM is 25-7. Would MSU have lost 5 more times (Making them 24-7) against UM's schedule? Possibly, but it's a tough argument to win since MSU hasn't lost to a team worse than 16th in Kenpom.

Would UM have gone 30-2 with MSU's schedule? Possibly, but UM had some bad losses. I'll grant that UM has improved more since the year started which is why Ib said it's possible UM is better right now.

I can see how a UM fan could take it as slight, but I meant it as a true compliment, not a backhanded one.



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I saw somebody yesterday say that they were actually saying "Victor," which is apparently his first name.  (I didn't know that until yesterday).  So, more of a "Mets fans chanting Lar-ry at Chipper Jones" vibe than anything else.  I can see that, because not only is it abot ten thousand times less disgusting, but those two words are going to sound pretty similar.

The only problem with this is that one probably shouldn't chant "Victor" at an opposing player in general, and particularly not one who plays for a team which has immortalized the song "The Victors."  :-)


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They aren’t the best shooters, but they’ve shown that they aren’t afraid to shoot. They can make those shots and I think they’ll improve their consistency over the summer. I’m hoping Simpson has found his stroke from the free throw line finally. He looks more comfortable now.

Brian Griese

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“Give Michigan credit, but our scouting report didn’t say Matthews or Simpson would shoot a 3, let alone make it early on. We took the lead into halftime but then Wagner drank Jordan’s secret stuff and our managers gave us red Gatorade instead of green. Total mistake. It turned the tide. Again, credit to Michigan but we had weird managers being in NYC and it changed the complexion of the game.”

Brian Griese

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He complains about Matthews and Simpson combining to make three and the “lucky” one MAAR made but failed to mention the two or three times in the first half they left Robinson wide wide open and they didn’t fall. Like you pointed out, they shot their season average. No luck about it, Tom.