Michigan Most Persistent Recruiter?

Submitted by dmoo4u on January 5th, 2012 at 2:49 PM

I found this little tidbit to be pretty interesting in an ESPN article about recruiting:

Quarterback Zach Kline of Danville, Calif., long pledged to Cal, continued to hear from other schools for months after making his commitment.

The most persistent suitor? Michigan. Kline said he liked all the Michigan coaches but finally told them to stop wasting their time.

"It gets annoying," Kline said. "But you find out it's a business, and these players generate a whole lot of money. You've got to look at it and remember each of these players is extremely valuable. We're all pieces in a big puzzle for them."

Source: ESPN http://espn.go.com/college-sports/recruiting/football/story/_/id/742428…



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Kline wasn't offered by Michigan until February or March of 2011.  Rodriguez didn't recruit him.  There was a time when Kline was considering other schools despite being "committed," so he hasn't always been 100% Cal.  However, he's been solid to them for the last several months.


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Calm down, kay kay.  Still on break, right?  Relax.  Finals not for another 2 or 3 weeks?  OK, relax.  Sugar Bowl was a win.  You didn't have money on Clemson, did you?


Relax...enjoy.  Can't lose hoops on at 9.  (Can lose, but aren't expected to win...so can't lose - bar injury).


PS. If I double post this the laptop goes out the window.


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Once he asked us to stop, we did. I think it's good that we keep with potential recruits and let them know we're serious. If only it worked in my dating life.


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San Ramon Valley High... I graduated from California High in San Ramon, and SRVH was one of our big rivals.  Seeing them wear that helmet made me want to punch someone.




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that I can't even imagine someone giving such a firm no to Michigan? Doesn't he know we're just better? I mean, Cal, even? This is one of the great mysteries if the world.


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I'd think if the hottest girl you ever met kept hitting on you and asking to hang out, even if there was no way you'd leave your girlfriend bc you're too committed, you'd be really flattered. No matter how long it went on; it would never get annoying. One doesn't complain about being followed around the dance floor by the prom queen. One brags about it.