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everyone has one.  Done w this blog

Marcus Ray and Jon Jansen had excellent overview on Jamie Morris and marcus ray show on wtka yesterday.  Listen, Learn. 

Everyone Murders

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This was brutal, but not wrong:

If you took the numbers off of the Michigan running back jerseys and just watched them run, you’d still have no problem knowing who had the ball. Higdon is the guy who keeps fighting for yards. Ty Isaac is the guy who just leans forward and doesn’t bother driving his legs. Chris Evans is the guy who would love to keep running, but a random arm grabbed him and now he has been tackled.


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If the right side is so weak, why not swap Bredeson and Onwenu.  And then start the kid Filiaga at RT. Man it pisses me off, how few startable tackles we have... ZERO... Cole isn't a tackle, but a REPEATED failure by both coaching staffs, not just Hoke but by Harbaugh too.  Somehow msc can manage with scrubs and they kick our ass, yet we have to watch the slow trainwreck at tackle... and no, its not only because of Newsome... the RT was still a monster hole, and no backups.  Sometimes I think the coaching staff should advise with Brian or Seth or whoever here, just to have PERSPECTIVE from afar, sometimes it is needed. We all knew this would be a problem, for years... even counted the minutes until we got a grad transfer T that never came.


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Bredeson has to relearn to change his stance and techniques/footwork since it's the complete opposite from LG.

It's like telling a baseball player who throws right handed, to start throwing lefthanded. Same concept.

I would keep Bredeson at LG and find someone else who has been trained to play at the right side on the right side.


October 10th, 2017 at 11:27 AM ^

Fair enough...  and Bredeson looks quite heavy footed so it won't be happening either.

Am just shocked how Harbaugh dropped the ball here, the OL is a mess. We have three centers, a zillion guards, and NOT ONE  Tackle that is startable.     

If they were confident in their plan, then they should start Honigford and Filiaga, and put Cole back at C.

Honigford  Bredeson  Cole  Onwenu  Filiaga

or get Ruiz on the field and remove the worst guard....

Honigford Ruiz  Cole Onwenu Filiaga



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The point you made about MSU (which could also be applied to a few other teams) is what really irks me about all this.

We’ve been repeatedly told to be patient because it takes time, especially on O line. And that’s true to a point - I never expected to be in Bama’s class until at least a full recruiting cycle. But when other teams are marching out freshmen that are better than guys that Harbaugh brought in two and three years ago, that’s a problem. When those freshmen are also 2* or 3* recruits, it really starts to become an indictment of this staff’s ability to recruit or develop or both.

Yes, we all need to be patient when it comes to winning a title. We shouldn’t have to wait four years to build a line that isn’t noticeably below MSU, Wisconsin, etc.

Honestly, we spend so much time star gazing sometimes that I think we lose track of the fact that other programs are winning with a lot less than we’ve got on paper. After three years, if you don’t have a single great linemen and barely any that can even be considered good, that’s not on the guy that coached before you.

The line ought to be better than this. It’s not unrealistic or impatient to say that much.

You Only Live Twice

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but he's intelligent and honest.  He also answered the question why we threw the ball (is there anyone in town who has not called in to either Sam/Ira, or Jamie/Marcus to ask?  anyone?)

The answer is 2.6ypc.  3 and out. O'Korn is capable of throwing for the 1st down.  I have hope.  He gets some force on that ball even in wind/rain.  It's been said here enough times - good passes were dropped.

one minor correction, I thought Lewerke did take a sack, in the second half.


October 10th, 2017 at 12:04 PM ^

The trouble with Higdon is he missed at least one huge cutback that would have resulted in a long gain or points in each of the first 3 games, on limited touches. It's nice that he runs through contact, but without vision it's always gonna be 3-yards-and-dust.

At this point all of our RBs have had a crappy fumble. Maybe we need to stop benching them for it midgame and just ride the hot hand.


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I agree with his take on our defense. Giving up 4.0ypc on a monsoon day is a concern even if 50 of that came on a single run. We are going to give up 20+ points to the likes of OSU and PSU. Not sure how our offense is going to match that.


October 10th, 2017 at 12:39 PM ^

Saturday was the 21st time in O’Korn’s career that he has thrown at least 10 passes in a game and it was the tenth time he failed to complete at least half of his pass attempts.

Rain or shine, this is who O’Korn is. If you’re a quarterback coach, he has enough ability to intrigue you, and enough inconsistency to get you fired.


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Should have had 20+ carries in that game.

Also. I chuckled at him calling Rutgers a (rivalry game). According to his schedule it is our only (rivalry game).


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But I've been reading painful things since Saturday night. It's like lancing boils to let out the purulence. Hopefully there is some purulence coming out in practice and also in conversations between the coaches. They have some serious work to do if we want to beat Indiana Saturday. I hope they show up determined and pissed off. I haven't seen a whole lot of conviction from this team this season except for latter part of the Purdue game after Speight went down.