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There's nothing groundbreaking in this week's write up, but it's still a pleasure to read. Gerdeman mentions he likes watching Devin Bush run around because he never arrives delicately. He says there is room to move against this defense, but it learns and adjusts, like a sadistic supercomputer.



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Anyway, the real news is that thanks to locker room-gate, this new rivalry with Purdue moves Michigan State to No. 4 on Michigan’s rivalry list, behind Purdue, Rutgers, and Ohio State.



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Nick Bosa is going to eat Nolan Ulizio. 

Let's hope Michigan's D line is better than OSU's O line by a greater margin than their D line is over ours b/c that game could easily be a 12-7 defensive slugfest. 



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His description of Speight's injury - "compressing his entire body into a Sonic the Hedgehog-like ball" - is one of the most perfectly illustrative uses of the English language I have ever read... 


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There is room to move against this Michigan defense, but it learns and adjusts, like a sadistic supercomputer.

I laughed at that line. From now on this season, I will think of this defense as SkyNet probably - the moment it activates, that's the end of that. 



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take on that line has more to do with a scene from Jurassic Park where the park's Austrailan game warden is commenting on the dynamic intelligence of the velociraptors and what they learn about their hunters and systematically testing weaknesses in fencing protection.

"They remember."

Perkis-Size Me

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Think I've said this before, but it's nice to read an unbiased review from the enemy. Nothing he said is untrue or unfair. 

Usually the shit you find on 11W is something to the tune of rabble rabble rabble Hairball rabble rabble rabble Don Brown is overrated rabble rabble rabble scUM sucks rabble rabble rabble we're going to put up 700 yards on those guys.