Michigan Monday up at O-Zone

Submitted by StephenRKass on November 9th, 2010 at 9:29 AM

Michigan Monday is up at the zone.  Here's the link: http://www.the-ozone.net/football/2010/ByeWeek/michiganmonday.html.  This gives us the perspective of the enemy.

So, regarding the offense, he writes,

I said last week that the main reason Michigan scores so many points is because they have to. The Illinois game would be Exhibit A. don't tell me the only reason Illinois scored 65 points was because the game went into triple overtime. Please show me the rule that states that you must allow touchdowns in overtime.
and also
If the score was reversed, would you still be marveling at your offense?
More harsh are comments on the defense, and bad coaching at Illinois:
The Wolverines are now allowing 42.6 points per game in conference play. This must be what it feels like to be a crime scene reporter. The gore was everywhere. Blood dripped from all four walls. Tendons twirled from a swirling ceiling fan. The Scheelhaase Massacre will not soon be forgotten. Illinois scored 45 points in regulation and that was with Ron Zook playing Tresselball in the third quarter and going scoreless. On the Illini's first drive in the third quarter, Zook chose to punt on fourth and one from Michigan's 48-yard line. At this point in the game, Illinois had carried the ball 29 times for 189 yards. The chances that Michigan was going to stop them from picking up one yard was pretty slim—especially since they hadn't done it on any of the previous 29 carries. Basically, Zook blew it. Even if they get stopped, did it really even matter where Michigan got the ball? The Wolverines had five touchdown drives that were over 70 yards and didn't even last three minutes. Two of those drives didn't even make it ONE minute. Why would you suddenly decide to play a game of field position when you were so clearly in a shootout? Oh, that's right, you're RON ZOOK! If it had only been that one instance, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad. but on the very next drive, Zook was once again faced with a fourth and one, this time from the Michigan 22-yard line. He chose to kick a field goal. They missed.
Regardless, we should still beat Purdue. The offense is awesome. And whatever happens this year, I'm really looking forward to next year.



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Illinois scored 45 points in regulation and that was with Ron Zook playing Tresselball in the third quarter and going scoreless.



This is dumb and really dumb. The game was tied 31-31 at halftime. Even Jim Tressel wouldn't play Tresselball at that point.


November 9th, 2010 at 10:15 AM ^

High profile meaning high scoring?

Because whatever you want to say about Tressel and OSU there's no denying that since he's been the Buckeye coach (in his 10th year) he's:

  1. Taken them to more BCS games than any other team, with a winning record in those games.
  2. Won a national title.
  3. Won six Big Ten titles or co-titles including five in a row and counting.
  4. Only lost once in The Game.

Bo respected Woody and OSU and I think we're just deluding ourselves if we try to pretend Tressel is a poor coach. Eliminate the mouth-breathing fans for a moment and poll high school and college football coaches in Michigan about Tressel. They may not like his success but I guarantee you they respect his performance.


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But, not to get all Vince Lombardi or anything, I prefer winning.

And check out OSU's points scored this year. They're not as high-scoring as Michigan, but they didn't have to be.

He does seem to put the brakes on sometimes, but most coaches would say he's just being smart.

That said, Michigan's high-powered offense may start luring better recruits who like scoring 40+ points per game.


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Actually quite interesting:

SCORING OFFENSE          G   TD  XP 2XP DXP  FG Saf  Pts   Avg
1. Ohio State..........  9   48  47   1   0  13   1  378  42.0
2. Michigan............  9   48  46   1   0   4   1  350  38.9
3. Wisconsin...........  9   41  40   0   0  11   0  319  35.4

Thinking of excuse.... oh yeah... they can kick FGs!


November 9th, 2010 at 11:58 AM ^

1. Michigan  37.0 PPG

2. Ohio State 36.2 PPG

3. Illinois   34.0 PPG

(Boy, that M-IL game really skewed things.)

Interesting topic: The record for most points scored by Michigan in Big Ten play is 286, achieved by the great 2003 team.

If Michigan scores 42 vs. Purdue, 31 vs. Wisconsin, and 28 vs. OSU they will tie that record.

Then they would only need to score 18 points in their bowl game to be Michigan's most prolific offense since Crisler's Mad Magicians of 1947.


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While both are MAC schools and are not very good this year, their level of not good is... not close. Let me give you a visual reference.

I live just north of Toledo. When I travel south, I see BG football billboards. When I travel north, I see EMU football billboards.

BG billboards advertise the team. EMU billboards advertise the nachos.


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He should be worried: we can shred anyone.  All we did was put up 500 yards of offense before halftime agains a top 20 defense that tOSU could only manage 290 on all game.   If we take care of the ball and not shit the bed on D, that game could be verrrrrrrrry interesting. 


November 9th, 2010 at 9:51 AM ^

He was somewhat objective for a couple of weeks.. then this steaming pile of slanted bullshit.

He never brings up the fact that Michigan foolishly didn't go for it on 2 fourth and short situations either.  Be consistent, dickhead.

And the idea that Zook played Tresselball is beyond ludicrous.

Nowhere does he state the fact that 18 of the Illini's 45 points in regulation came off of very short fields from turnovers.

The only reason I can think this douchebag reverted back to mouth-breather is because he is a little bit worried about Denard and Co. coming into the horseshoe and creating a chaotic shootout.


November 9th, 2010 at 1:40 PM ^

The only reason I can think this douchebag reverted back to mouth-breather is because he is a little bit worried about Denard and Co. coming into the horseshoe and creating a chaotic shootout.



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If the score was reversed, would you still be marveling at your offense?

The second it became apparent that Michigan was a scoring machine against an average D, I became impressed by RR. The issue is that the D blows, and 1 stop doesn't change that at all.


November 9th, 2010 at 11:03 AM ^


Before this game, though, Illinois was not an average D, they were a top-15 D.  So, for me at least, this game vaulted us forward to "Michigan now able to put up points against a very good defense."

On 11/27, we test the question of whether we can put up points against an exceptional defense.


November 9th, 2010 at 10:04 AM ^

I think that OSU fans are starting to feel what is coming from "that school up North".  This is why the once light-hearted analysis has turned decidedly more defensive.

My Dad is an OSU fan, and he mentioned yesterday that he thinks 2011 may be the year that UM finally gives OSU a real game (interpretation = worried about losing).  He is paying particular attention to our offense.  He was very interested in how we did against Ill, since OSU struggled for much of the game.


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It bugs me more when he purports to warn OSU fans not to sleep on Michigan.  His bashing is a view that I much prefer our rivals to have. 


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Some people just have to be negative like Caputo, truck drivers, Spartans, Freep and so on. Forgets that someone hung 67 points on the # 15 (I think) defense.  Skip this it is not worth the time!!!!!!


November 9th, 2010 at 3:57 PM ^

are michigan fans the only ones that are allowed to criticize the michigan defense?  Is Tom Gerdeman slanted?  Yes, but i find his observations mostly accurate.  giving up 65 points in a game should be embarassing.  ray vinopal falling on his face because he had to veer 20 degrees is embarrassing.  our defense is bad and zook made some bad calls.  if we had lost to illinois, there would be no RichRod supporters left.  no, i don't like hearing all this, especiallly from a rival, but they are accruate.  Gerdeman is even aware of insights like Roh asking not to play LB that your average Michigan fan does not have.

nothing would please me more than to read a Michigan Monday after a victory over Ohio State.  winning this year would be at the level of Bo's victory over Woody in '69.  i do reserve some hope that we can win that game.  the win over Illinois was important because bowl eligibility won't be riding on "The Game."  a win over Purdue is important because RichRod's job won't be (most likely) riding on "The Game."  This team will have nothing to lose for "The Game," so the game sets up nicely for a major upset.  Go Blue!


November 9th, 2010 at 11:41 AM ^

I don't think it was particularly unfair, and definitely a little depressing to hear that their offense still is averaging more points than we are.

However that being said the guy is a terrible writer.  Would it kill him to run a grammar check?