Michigan Monday is up

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4th phase

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I would like to humbly propose a new rule for the board: when creating a post that references a rivals site (ozone or rcmb) include choice quotes in the body of the post (here there is literally no substance). That way I don't have to click through to a site I couldn't care less about and read a bunch of bullshit, but can still get something from the post. Just a suggestion.


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Yeah, usually Michigan Monday is pretty reasonable, but that entire article falls into the "wishful thinking" and "not paying very good attention" categories.

I guess even regular columns can fall prey to look-ahead weeks.

I hope the football team just as gullibly thinks they are going to be able to move the ball at will. Come on into the game with that idea. Don Brown's mustache is waiting for ya.


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This must be how OSU fans have felt almost every year during the week leading up to The Game. Reading their rationalizations and hottakes is so hilarious. "All the pressure is on Harbaugh (and as we all know, Harbaugh is terrible under pressure)." My personal favorite: "Urbz is at his best as the underdog."

bleens ditch

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If you’re the one being executed who gives a shit?  May as well make some noise on the way to the gallows - what are they gonna do - give you a reprimand?

I am so tired of OSU fans thinking they are part of something special. I don’t like sparty fans talking shit, but at the end of the day they know they are not even the best university in their own state. As a result they are ignorable.

OSU fans are unmoored from reality.  They identify with the Buckeyes in a metaphysical sense.  As if they are agents.  

All to the better I say.  When the Wolverines defeat the Buckeyes on Saturday, the fans of that vile team will feel the loss as if it is their own failure.  They will be personally humiliated.  They will suffer and lament.  And they will deserve it.

Edit: off since noon and drinking so there’s that.


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That's absolutely correct. I've been to half a dozen games against OSU at the big house and their fans are like no other. They have a very weird way of talking about the team and the players. 

And the younger crowd- the ones in their 20s who have no memory of the Cooper years and the way it used to be- are in complete denial that Michigan could ever be a powerhouse program. They still think that Harbaugh is the most overrated co in football history, that he's basically Hoke 2.0. 


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He points out specific areas where the Ohio State offense can exploit the Michigan defense . . . which are indeed true.

But when it comes to the areas the Michigan offense can exploit the Ohio State defense, he says don't worry, magic will occur.  


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I don't know. Our defense has had a few weaknesses that were temporary in specific games but no one has been able to really replicate it, other than NW and ND both getting some lucky deep passes past our corners while they were in perfect coverage. We know for a fact that Don Brown has a gameplan that he's been working on all year for this week, and that the last two weeks were more about getting to this game in one piece more than anything. I expect our best defensive game of the year on Saturday. 

The Fugitive

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Yea, I probably wrote it out wrong.  It's based on the home team.  If the home team is favored it's -the points.  If the home team is the underdog, it's +the points.

So in this case, Michigan is a 5 point favorite as the line has moved again.  Before the season started, they were around a 9 point underdog against Ohio State.


November 22nd, 2018 at 11:07 AM ^

You are correct, and his explanation couldnt be more wrong. The line has nothing to do with home/away teams. The favorite is always giving points, while the underdog is always receiving points. Michigan -4.5 is the current line, which means Michigan is a 4.5 favorite. 

Disclaimer: I'm no sharp, but I am a degenerate gambler. 

gustave ferbert

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he omitted the whole "we gave up 51 points to Maryland" And harped on how porous our defense was after shutting down Indiana in the 2nd half (as we have done all season). 

You Only Live Twice

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Kind of painful to read.  He took some of his usual jabs (our Defense was so tired they couldn't stop JT from picking up the game saving first down) but mostly he's doing the same thing a lot of us are... feeling sick and hoping for a W.

He is basing a lot of his renewed hope on the Indiana game, and Chase being injured.

Pepper Brooks

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"Michigan’s defense faced a season-high 75 plays against Indiana. It’s the most they have seen since the double-overtime loss to Ohio State in 2016. That was the game where the Wolverine defense was so exhausted that they couldn’t keep JT Barrett from picking up a game-saving first down on fourth-and-one."

Trolling Michigan fans... but they way I read it he KNOWS the Barrett didn't make the 1st down


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Yea what a troll. He knew JT was short, at least that's the implication from that sentence. I hate OSU. I also hate that an excellent team in UM has to go that toilet to win the big east. Eitherway, I am happy with UM season. Tides have turned and I expect UM to start beating OSU starting this year 


Oh and he coneniently forgets that this offense is peaking at the right time. Gonna put up 500+ yards on OSU . Yes OSU puts po points but may be 300-350 yards . UM wins. 


November 21st, 2018 at 10:16 PM ^

Nah, from listening to a few of their podcasts, he believes JT clearly made the first down, and claims that even a few Michigan fans admit it, FWIW (which is a digit that is round).

It is strange though, as they are not used to being this nervous and worried about this game and trying to talk themselves out of it.

Winchester Wolverine

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Harbaugh has been saving a big gameplan just for these fuckers. I expect a lot of RPO, TEs up the seam against that shitty linebacking core, read options with Shea breaking big (but only after pounding the rock with Higdon), and a few screens to Evans. 5 man, empty sets with bubbles to DPJ and deep shots to Black. 

I'm getting excited over here.

On defense, I expect a pre game Don Brown speech classic, complete with a few "fuck that(s)" and a "we better win this motherfucking football game". After that, expect to see heads, no, not just helmets, peoples heads with football helmets still on them, rolling on the fucking ground.

Michigan 34, OSU 21