Michigan-Minnesota (Nov. 4) will be a 7:30 pm kick on FOX

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per Nick Baumgardner

Can you tell me why?



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I wouldn't care about this except that we're 2 for 2 in embarrassing ourselves in front of a national TV audience under the lights this season.


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Could do the same to us.


Im still seeing "sure win" posts from people on here and I dont know why.


Cincy and Air Force would both lose to Minnesota. Until we beat someone for 4 quarters Ill expect us to struggle and maybe pull it out in the end.


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In class, did anyone have to debate in favor of a view that they did not support? 

Here's one: If Michigan played more night games, they would get accustomed to them and not play so poorly.  They would learn how to stay focused during the day, not get too amped up at game time, and be more prepared to play under the different circumstances.  

We get carried away with special uniforms and t-shirts, while other teams are like, "so what?"  PSU had their special "white out", but they also play tomato cans at night.  Maybe we should play a tomato can at night to get the whole "night game" experience out of the system before we take on a good opponent.  It's just a thought.  Don't totally support it, but it just popped in my mind.


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kind of like that we will just have night games sometimes instead of UTL LOOK AT US night games.  Literally every other team in the country has some night games just because night games.  I think this was long overdue for this program.

Goggles Paisano

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Didn't Fox just televise Kansas at TCU in primetime this past Saturday?  I mean 0-7 Kansas who had 4 yards of offense prior to generating 17 yds on their last drive, is being televised.  WTF Fox?  


October 23rd, 2017 at 12:43 PM ^

but they seem to have given that up.  Instead, it looks like VT @ Miami will be the primetime game.  That is admittedly a good game in itself.

OSU @ Iowa and PSU @ MSU --- one of those games will feature a Top 5 team, of course  ---will both be afternoon games. 

There is a rule --- if a B1G game is slotted for prime-time, it MUST be a 12-day pick.  It CANNOT be a 6-day pick.  I guess ABC didn't want to wait for the result of PSU/OSU.  So instead they punted on the B1G prime-time game and gave it to FOX?!?!?

In another curiosity --- Oklahoma/OK State is at 4 PM on Fox Sports 1.  Another game that seems like FOX would want, but nope.