Michigan might be back in the running for Vernon Hargreaves

Submitted by a2_electricboogaloo on July 17th, 2012 at 10:19 PM

Shane Morris looks like he may be working his recruiting magic once again.

TomVH just retweeted this from Vernon Hargreaves

Tom VanHaaren ‏@TomVH
CB Vernon Hargreaves RT @VHargreaves24 Thanks to @S_Morris12I got back in contact with Michigan Hopefully I can get up for a visit soon

I believe it's pretty unlikely that he comes to play at Michigan, but with USC (his presumed leader) tight on DB spots, it is not impossible.



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Where on the sites does it say how many scholarships they have availible.. I can count recruits, i think..But, I am not going to count 85 names on each team to see how many available.. Plus a lot of teams have scholly losses such as Ohio and USC.... But no shitting, I am serious


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Not really sure we need to concern ourselves with signing another DB.  All I'm really concerned with at this point is Treadwell.  It'd be nice to get Green as well but we can always pick up an elite back in next years class.


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I wholeheartedly agree with Treadwell, we need a blue chip wide receiver to make this a great class.  However, I don't really believe we are that weak with running backs (we already have two 4-star backs in this class, and with this offensive line, I'm fairly certain that I could run for at least 500 yards).  The last spot could, in my opinion, go to any of the highly touted players we are currently recruiting hard—McQuay, Green, Hargreaves, Baily and Fuller.  And if a guy like Hargreaves wants to commit and we have a spot, I don't know many coaches who would turn him away. 


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I'd be surprised if he doesn't eventually sign with one of those Florida schools.  Its still early on in the recruiting game, though!  We've been spoiled by all these early commits!  Personally, I'd love to get more help on the d-line.


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But there doesn't seem to be anyone left on the board. Also, Hoke's love for the "flexible" running back seems to point to Green or another Norfleet type, IMHO.


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You are aware that he is a bulldozer that runs somewhere between a 4.3-4.4 40, right? Is that not flexible enough to be a downhill runner? I would guess that's why Rivals has him as the #1 RB in this class. I'm not saying he IS the best, but I don't think Rivals has him there for his goal line/short yardage situational ability.


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that his hands are not suited to catching out of the backfield, as stated over and over again by analysts explaining his rather dismal performances in camp settings. I also think that you misunderstood me, as I said that his talents are suited to running downhill, between the tackles. His ranking as top running back is also universally derided as being excessive. He's a very good running back, just not the best. Evidently our coaches thought so as well, as evidenced by their primary pursuit of Isaac in lieu of Green.


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I did misunderstand you about the downhill part. I may be offtopic again here even though I didn't start on the topic of Derrick Green, but what analysts said those things? I did say I didn't necessarily believe he's the best, but Rivals does.  As far as his pass catching ability, Tremendous disagrees with you, giving him a 5, and I remember talk of Isaac AND Green for months on here.


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It's annoying how many peple think recruiting is like it is in video games.  5 stars does not equal success.  Stribling came up to Michigan on his own dime and earned his own offer.  The coaches were smart enough to get on him before his recruiting blew up.  There are many instances of them doing that since they got here.  Pipkins, Clark, Conley, Laquon's teeammate from last year who ended up not signing with us, etc...  Do you know how Dymonte's recruiting would be right now if he hadn't have commited so early?  This staff is smart enough to know that the talent you have is almost always better than the talent you could have in recruiting.  Plus,  you can never have enough DB's  they tend to offer more flexibilty in terms of positions and what defense's you want to run. 


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If the class turns out to be EXACTLY 24 people, AND if Treadwell, Green, and Hargreaves (who was off our radar until yesterday) ALL try to commit, and we have NO decommits from this current class, AND if it turns out Stribling is a one-legged midget who is so terrible at football that he can barely tie his shoe, then maybe, MAYBE you'll have a point.

But to say "the Stribling offer is really starting to take it's toll" at this point is beyond asinine.


July 18th, 2012 at 6:27 AM ^

We have to get over this whole "why did we give stribling a scholarship" thing. Hoke saw him play in front of his eyes for two days, which means he must be the real deal. And this Hargreaves thing is a long long shot, I would not like to see us get rid of stribling to only "hope" that Hargreaves comes here. Hoke knows what he is doing. GO Blue! And go green and treadwell


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You guys act like we can just have our pick of the remaining 5-star and top 4-star talent... if only we had the spots.  That's simply not the case.  Treadwell may be a lean, but I would consider every one of those other guys long shots.

Plus, let's say we are able to fill the last two spots with two of Treadwell, McQuay, Green, Hargraeves, Bailey, Fuller, etc... are you going to complain that we have a crappy class because we took a LS??


July 18th, 2012 at 7:55 AM ^

I don't agree we have a crappy class because we got an LS, though I do think we have a better chance with most of those guys then what you think. I do not think any LS is worth a scholarship offer, the most they do is give you a better chance at not turning the ball over with a good snap. Now with any of those other guys they can get us points. LS do not deserve any scholarship but that's just my opinion